Why the fuss?

The brouhaha over President Obama’s bow to the Japanese emperor, I simply don’t get it. It’s a mark of respect. And for the Faux News talking heads who are screaming that no President has ever bowed to another world leader, uh, well, that’s about the accuracy you expect from Faux News.

I mean, Nixon did. And so did the Shrub. There’s another picture of Shrub bowing to the Saudi king, but that was to receive a medal so it doesn’t count (sometimes my team overreaches, too).

Still, there it is. American presidents have bowed to other world leaders before. It’s not new, it’s not tradition breaking, and it’s the poorest excuse for an issue I’ve heard in a very long time.

Of course, the rules are always different for Democrats and Republicans. Sheesh. I’ve heard more probing questions asked about the propriety of Obama bowing to the Japanese Emperor than I did of the propriety of the impending war in Iraq during the run-up in ’02. Where are our priorities?


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