Season’s Green Things!

Greyhound to Toledo in about six hours.

Feelin’ the holiday mood like Ebenezer Scrooge before the spooks came. That oughta change once I see my nieces.

So, this little piece of seasonal nonsense. I wrote the first verse and posted it to Steve Macdonald’s journal partly as a reply to his terrific “Cold Butcher” … and mostly because it was stuck in my head and had to go somewhere to relieve the pressure. He wrote the rest.

The melody is, of course, obvious. :D

Oh, the creature outside is frightful
And he thinks you’ll taste delightful
There’s a monster out in the snow
Wendigo, wendigo, wendigo!

Oh he doesn’t show signs of stopping
‘Cuz your joints are good for popping
You hunker there way down low
Wendigo, wendigo, wendigo.

I don’t wanna kiss you goodnight
Cuz I’d hate to go out in the storm
If we nail the door shut real tight
Maybe we’ll last ’til the morn

The fire is slowly dying
And, my dear, he’s still there spying
And we’ll hold these shotguns just so…
Wendigo, wendigo, wendigo!


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