More unacceptable behavior

This time from Brit Hume, unsurprisingly on Fox, who suggests that Tiger should convert to Christianity to fix his personal problems, after insulting Tiger’s current beliefs (Buddhist).

Oh, yes. Christian men are always better husbands. Just ask Mrs. Jim Bakker, Mrs. Ted Haggard and Mrs. Jimmy Swaggart et al.

This is so far over the line of acceptable commentary that it laps itself and goes over the line a second time. If he really felt it needed to be said, then he should have arranged to meet privately with Tiger, or sent it to him privately. Instead, he has the hubris to engage in a spectacularly rude display of arrogance. It’s none of Brit Hume’s bloody business what religion Tiger is, and I don’t know how he thinks insulting his religion first is going to help him make his point.

Unless it’s suddenly acceptable now, for example, to publicly call on the Duggans to convert to some set of beliefs that will allow them to use contraception. How about asking Brit himself to convert to Buddhism so that the next time he opens his mouth about that religion, he doesn’t spew some bigoted lie he just made up?


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