How to lose a vote, the modern way

I had pretty much decided that I would be supporting Jennifer Brunner for Senate here in Ohio because I was delighted with the way she fixed Ohio’s broken election system after we finally got rid of that damned crook Katherine Harr… er, Ken Blackwell.

Well, now she’s got some work to do. I had emailed her office for some thing or another — I think it was about the lack of a paper ballot option in the last election — and now I find that my email address has been added to her campaign spam list, and that the systems on her site to be removed from the list and to contact the campaign both don’t work. Glad I used my Hotmail address!

Anyway, I’m in Lee Fisher’s camp now, when I had been solidly behind Brunner before. That’s about as unforgivable as it gets, as far as I’m concerned. If she wins the primary, I’m probably voting third party, or if there isn’t one I can get behind in the Senate race, just not voting in that race. Needless to say, voting Republican isn’t an option until they evict the theocrat/neocon wing and get back to being the party of Eisenhower and John Anderson.


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