Apropos of nothing…

I discovered today that I really like poached eggs. No idea why I never had one before today, or why I decided to make them today. I just got a sudden urge to, and I liked ’em.

Been reactivating a long-neglected hobby lately — model building. Just finished a Saturn 1-B; nearly finished with a 1:144 scale model of The Independence, Harry Truman’s presidential plane. And then today I found my model of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Hee.

Meanwhile, while poking around stuff, I also came across some abandoned writing projects (and almost all of them immediately showed why they’d been abandoned).

The one I can’t figure out were three lines on the top sheet of a pad. Either it was to be part of a MSTing, or something I thought of and thought was funny. I don’t know.

What was written there was:
Mystery Science Theater 2001
“Cambot, give me Rocket Number Nine!”
“I’m sorry, Joel. I can’t do that.”

I don’t know wny my brain does this stuff to me, no.


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