Cognitive Dissonance

So, after an extremely contentious process (including protestors shouting “N****r!” at black Congressmen and “Faggot!” at Barney Frank as they entered the Capitol on Sunday and vandalism of Democrats’ offices including right here in Ohio), it is passed.

Please keep in mind this is not health care reform, not yet anyway. It’s a start, and a clunky one, but it’s an important start to joining the rest of the civilized world. And for the horrible, horrible crime of reining in insurance company abuses and trying to cover the uninsured poor, what’s the response of the conservative on the street? Why, to publicly call for someone to kill the President.

Enjoy your jail time, moron.

Ten states are threatening to sue the Federal government, and numerous freepers and teabaggers are calling for mass civil disobedience. The best comment was this one:

Civil Rights? Civil Disobedience? What are they going to do? Sit-in at their insurance company and demand to be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition? March and sing “We shall overcome the extended coverage for our children?”

Sums it up pretty well.

I keep waiting for the rational Republicans–they are all in the rank and file, none in the leadership–to take their party back, but it ain’t happening. I think most of them identify as “Independents” anymore, since anything to the left of Jesse Helms is apparently a RINO by the party’s own behavior.

As long as the party lets their public face be the teabaggers and freepers and Limbaugh and Beck, I’ll never give ’em a second look. When they passed on John Anderson — and to a lesser extent George H.W. Bush — in 1980, they passed on making me a classic Ohio swing voter.

Meanwhile, Wall Street — who would be first to tremble if they thought profits were at risk (and that’s what our system really holds dearest) has closed at the highest point in 18 months. Granted, the stock markets are nearly completely divorced from day to day life in the real world, but it indicates optimism in the economic world.

Anyway, Senator Dodd’s Banking Committee has some equally important work going on to reassert control over the financial sector. And the political shenanigans have started already. This from CNN, emphasis added:

The Senate banking panel was scheduled to start meeting at 5 p.m. ET Monday and could pass the bill along party lines as early as this evening. They may move quickly, because the 10 Republicans on the 23-member panel won’t offer any changes and plan to oppose the bill, said a source familiar with the negotiations.

Republican lawmakers have told Democrats that they are willing to work with Democrats and hammer out a bipartisan bill before it goes to the floor in coming months, Congressional aides say.

Yes, but we know what the Republican definition of ‘bipartisan’ is: Do It Our Way. What kind of doublethink world does the GOP live in, that it both refuses to be part of the process but promises to be bipartisan? It matters not a whit what changes are made, they will oppose, block, obfuscate and otherwise bitch and moan the whole way, and even if they get all the changes they want, they’ll vote against it and then whine about the lack of bipartisanship.

I mean, what’s your compromise with someone who claims the government is setting up “death panels”? Or that filling out your census form puts you at risk of internment and that Americorps is the beginning of “politically correct” “re-education camps” for America’s youth?

Answer: there is none.


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