My face is melting!

Local hot sauce company CaJohn’s apparently was on TV last week for their Holy Jolokia! sauce, and a cousin of mine asked me to pick him up a bottle and send it to him.

They had a sample out. I had to taste it.

So that’s what the strong force tastes like. It was a mouthful of nuclear fusion. Smoky, tangy, subtly sweet starcore.

I think that was what surprised me the most — that it actually had a flavor beyond “HOLY SMOKING SNOT ON A STICK, MY TONGUE IS DISINTEGRATING!”

For comparison, the Red Savina, the most vicious habanero, runs about 580,000 Scovilles max, give or take a few.

The Bhut Jolokia, the beast inside this sauce, starts around 850,000 and can top a million.

It didn’t clear my sinuses. It boiled them dry.

As it turned out, I got their last bottle. When they have more, I need to get one for myself.


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