Well, as long as I want to write…

I tumbled across some old text files with some light verse I’d scribbled several years ago, and decided they didn’t completely suck, so I’ll toss one or two out here every now and then.

I’m no Wordsworth… I’m shooting for Ogden Nash on an off day. :D

On Coffee
Coffee, coffee, in my cup
How I love to drink you up
Black as night and hot as hell
My oh my, I think you’re swell

Turkish coffee ground so fine
Fresh Sumatran, smooth as wine
Columbian, Jamaican Blue
Blessed coffee, I love you!

Mokka, Kona, Sulawesi
For my coffee, I am crazy
French roast, mild, or cappucino
Hail the holy coffee bean-oh!

Cream and sugar, plain and black
Iced, or with a shot of Jack
Fresh and hot from my carafe …
*ACK!* *GAG!* *CHOKE!* This stuff’s DECAF!


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