20 years (or so) and counting!

Booked my hotel room.

Posted my pre-reg.

OVFF 2010, here I come!

This will be my 20th in a row — I’ve been coming steadily since 1991, and possibly a few years more, but creeping senility is taking those memories away from me. :)

I seem to think I came down once or twice in the late 80s with Suburban Banshee when we were both still in Toledo, but I don’t recall what years those were. It’s not impossible that I haven’t missed one since 1989 or 1990. But 1991 is the earliest I can be sure enough of. I know that by 1992 I considered OVFF a must-attend event — that was the year I got adopted by a cat in the con suite.

This year will be a first, though: I actually have a song written that fits the contest.

It’s a bit unique that I actually have a song written in the first place!

Now all I have to do is screw up the courage to perform the blasted thing. We’ll see what I can do. I’ve been practicing just the vocals so I can do it without having to think. The chords are tricky (at least by my amateur standards), so I’m not sure if I want to bother with the guitar part or not. And it’s not suitable to a bass-only accompaniment.

Still, I feel good about its structure and even (horrors!) its chances in the contest. Even if I have to do it a capella.


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