Going acoustic by default

It was a weird weekend for electronics at this past OVFF.

I figured, “Hey! I’m staying at the hotel this year! I can lug the theremin along, I’ll have a place to stash everything!” And so I did. Pity I didn’t also lug along its power supply… so poor Sergei sat silent. I suppose I could’ve set it up and whistled while waving my hands at it, but it wouldn’t really have been the same. It would’ve sounded too much better than I normally play.

Now, I can’t say I didn’t know that my amp had a fuse… but it had been in there so long, I had forgotten it had one, which made it problematic when my amp went silent in the middle of the Farewell Jam and I had to figure out what happened. Fortunately, the drummer from Toyboat let me plug in to his amp, so I could raise up a joyful noise. Then another musician whose last name is lost to my sieve-like memory lent me his acoustic — all I recall, unfortunately, is Douglas McC. If you’re reading this and are him, thank you!!

Anyway, I had a great time, and the post-con comedown is all but non-existent this year. And I had the con crud two weeks ago, so I didn’t pick anything up to get over!

It’s still weird to walk into the dealers’ room and not see Juanita at her table, though.


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