“Yee-haw!” is not a foreign policy — and neither is “Duh…?”

Mitt’s definitely got problems in the international relations department, that’s for sure — granted, his only foreign experience appears to be trying to convert the French to a religion that demands of its followers no alcohol and no extramarital sex, and that’s a fool’s mission for anyone, not just the Mittster. So on his tour this summer, he managed to insult the British over their Olympics, and Solidarity in Poland, as well as rile up more tensions in the Middle East.

Now it’s turned to politicizing the attack on the embassy in Libya.

Whether the failure in judgement is the candidate’s, or his advisors, I don’t know, but it does not speak well of what to expect from either a Romney State Department, or a Romney White House.

Sure, I expect that he’ll criticize President Obama. That’s kind of his job. But jumping the gun, basing your criticism on a lie and then doubling down on the lie when being called on it is not criticism. It’s a lie. Period. His attempt to politicize the Libya attacks is nothing less than ghoulish.

Not at all surprised that Mitt’s real first name is Willard. He’s a rat, all right.


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