Home again, home again

Conventions are kind of weird, by simple definition.  Sometimes the weirdness gets kicked up a notch.

I have a thing about any event I attend or trip I go on that’s more complicated than a simple day trip: I need to forget something minor.  If I don’t, I’ll be waiting the whole weekend for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.  It pre-disasters the event so I can have it go smoothly after that.

So I apparently over-prepared for this past weekend at Ohio Valley Filk Fest.  I had just called the cab company to come get me, and went to my bedroom to get the envelope with my saved hotel money from the place where it has been for the last three months.

It wasn’t there.

Ever stand in the middle of a room pounding your own chest trying to get your heart to re-start?

So I call the cab company to cancel the cab until I can recover both my marbles and the money.  I spend the next half hour both looking for the missing envelope and trying to figure out where I can get $250 on exceedingly short notice without burning a hole through my checking account.

It turned up halfway across the bedroom between two magazines that I have not read any time recently.  I swear, it’s things like this that shake my disbelief in the supernatural.

Anyway.  Called the cab company again to re-order the cab.  Get on the road.  Immediately hit a traffic jam on 315 North.  But it was early enough not to worry about it; I arrived in plenty of time to enjoy the traditional Friday night Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, followed by the Pegasus Concert (and congratulations to all the winners!).

I had a good weekend, performance-wise, I think.  I’ve gone wireless — I wish I could remember who called my rig a ‘wireless music router’, but I love it.  :)  The system worked great, although I now have four different volume controls to keep track of — on the instrument, on the transmitter, on the receiver, and on the amp itself.  I’m still working out the best balances for volume on each to minimize noise.  But it worked out well, and it was great to be able to wander around while playing, which I have always tended to do, occasionally coming to cable-tethered grief.

Performed my only filk to-date (which I don’t think I’ve published online yet), as it was a perfect follow-up to two other Frankenstein songs.  The groan points shift from performance to performance, I’ve noted — different reactions to the same lines.  Weird.  It kind of blows my mind that I’m singing solo in public, but yaknow, it’s well past time — not that I think I’m that good a singer, just that I’ve been going to OVFF for decades now, and I know they don’t bite, at least without warning or permission.  I’m feeling more comfortable putting myself out there, however slowly.  We had three basses in that filk, which was weird.  We’re slowly taking over.  :)

The Sunday Jam was magnificent chaos, as it always is.  I was off my game (playing through a blister on my left index finger) but all right.  Nothing epic or memorable from me, but I had a great deal of fun.  And it was lovely to be able to get out on the floor and hear myself within the mix, not having to stick close to my amp.

I wonder why we never do some of the classics like ‘Werewolves of London’ or ‘Benson Arizona’ on the Sunday Jam.  I’d love to lead ‘Werewolves’ some time — Zevon is more or less in my vocal range, and it’s a simple enough song, just D, C, G and repeat until done.  Problem is, I can’t (yet) play bass and sing at the same time.

Dinner at BD’s, then back for some casual gaming in the con suite with friends until it was time to go.  Which was interrupted by the news that while we were back there, the hotel front desk had been held up at gunpoint.  *That* news garnered the messenger a few goggle-eyed stares over the ‘Thurn & Taxis’ board.  Happily, no one was hurt.  I should imagine the hotel staff was a bit shaken, but that’s to be expected under those circumstances.

Con crud set in while I was at work yesterday.  Today it’s snowing while Frankenstorm chews up the eastern seaboard.  Weird weekend indeed.


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