Making a spectacle of one’s self.

Let it be admitted at the outset that I have the fashion sense of a particularly slow species of mineral. My (work) wardrobe is almost entirely black slacks with solid-colored (or simply patterned) shirts so I can’t screw up combining things.

That said, I still have to wonder how pince nez went out of fashion.

Maybe I should back up a little here.

I finally got new glasses a month and a half ago, which are great for reading and great for distance viewing… but not so good for the range my computer screen is at. So I need to have a second pair made with my computer prescription.

Somewhere along the way (during one of my steampunky moments, I suppose), I decided I’d like to have my computer glasses be pince nez rather than regular glasses. I don’t know why, I just did. So I found a vintage pair on eBay…

…and have been immediately converted by just how amazingly comfortable they are to wear. I haven’t had the new lenses fitted yet (still pricing around on those), but the ones I got came with colored glass lenses (for use as sunglasses) and they feel fantastic, they’re light as a feather, secure as anything (surviving even a sneezing fit without wobbling loose from my nose) and in my opinion look great. How did they ever go out of style?


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  1. suburbanbanshee on

    Huh. I had no idea that they had utility like that. And I suppose without the earpieces, they would be a lot lighter….

    • And the ones I have also are rimless. It’s very minimalist, certainly lighter than any glasses I remember wearing. I’m hoping to have my midrange prescription fitted by fall. And I think they’re flattering.

      And, I’ve just gotten a vintage pocket watch on eBay. It’s getting steampunky indeed!

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