Doctor Sue?

There’s a move afoot to push actress/comedienne Sue Perkins as the 12th Doctor.  I’m familiar with her work on radio and on QI, and I really can’t think of a downside.  The last time we had someone best known as a comic actor take on the role, we got Jon Pertwee.  Works for me!


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  1. Paul Cales on

    Since Moffat wants to make it a kids show that’s a fairy tale – the opposite of the once-popular gritty Robert Holmes approach – then the next Doctor should be a teenager. In a way it would be interesting, having him be physically awkward, awkward with girls, in awe of older people in some ways, with an older male companion in the Harry Sullivan or Ian Chesterton mold … It would work better for the fairy tale style Moff is pushing, but personally I’d prefer an older, slightly aloof male Doctor set in more dramatic stories like Robert Holmes wrote. Instead of talking down to the kids who the show is claimed to be for, create good science fiction. I assure you that kids (and adults) will be able to follow the story and will appreciate it more.

    • I’ve pretty much given up trying to figure out what Moff wants to do with the show. I’m just kind of hanging on until someone who not only remembers but also respects the original run takes over.

      If Moffat would put the effort into Who that he’s put into Sherlock — and maybe that’s what he needs to keep him on the straight and narrow is Mark Gatiss riding herd on him — I would probably have no complaints about the show. I mean, I’ve got to the point where I actually miss JNT.

      I still need to get caught up on this series — I’ve only seen ‘The Bells of St John’ so far. I do like the new music, at least.

      • Paul Cales on

        The new music is great as are the new intro visuals, and the second half of the season is – with the exception of the finale – the best set of scripts and most satisfying viewing experience of Matt Smith’s whole run. Try to find time to watch.

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