Bumbles bounce. I don’t.

My new apartment is back within biking distance of work, which gives me an hour and a half of my day back, since I can leave a half hour before work starts and be there on time, and also be back home before midnight, instead of twenty after 12 or so.

Assuming, of course, I don’t repeat what happened last Sunday night.

I do not know how my front wheel got sideways. I do know I went sailing over it and came down ribs-first on the concrete curb. Knocked the wind clean out of me — I didn’t know how much of a beating I’d taken until after I finished gasping for breath, by which time a local police officer pulled up to offer assistance.

I am well and truly tenderized — but nothing broken, thankfully. Couple real ugly abrasions on my arms, twin scrapes across my torso from the curb (ripped my shirt and t-shirt open), a huge bruise on my right hip, my right shoulder and right ribs are achey (and sometimes stabby if I reach for something too fast). A little owie on my knee. Didn’t hit my head at all, oddly enough. The bike appears to be fine, but I haven’t ridden it since Sunday — more because it would hurt too much to lug the bike up and down the stairs than the need of repairs or having gone saddle-shy.

I should be back to close enough to normal within a week or two. Until then — ow.


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