The only surprising thing to me about the impending canonization of John Paul II

…is that it’s happening before that of Mother Teresa, which has still not got its final approval. A second miracle was approved, clearing the path for him, although John XXIII’s is going ahead without the second miracle. Francis is expected to canonize both by the end of the year.

I really have no opinion — I stopped being a Catholic 30+ years ago, and see this as a purely internal matter to the church. I haven’t any truck with non-Catholics going on about who should and shouldn’t be made saints, although I found it interesting when Christopher Hitchens was brought in as an informal “devil’s advocate” during the beatification process for Mother Teresa (John Paul II had actually abolished the office in ’83).

As a point of curiosity, is the papal regnal number included? Will they be Pope St. John Paul (of Kraków) and Pope St. John (of Venice), or Pope St. John Paul II and Pope St. John XXIII?

Of extremely tangential relation to that, I’ve noted that my Latinized name would probably be Daniel Periparus, insofar as my quite Polish surname is based on the Polish word for ‘tit’ — no, the bird — and the genus of one of the ones common to Europe is Periparus. The family name Paridus could probably work, too. I rather like that!


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