Finally caught up on this season’s Who

And where the hell have these stories been for the rest of Moff’s tenure? Moff finally kicked it up to where I’d been expecting him to be all along; loved the reveal on Clara (and the jolt of figuring it out before they explained it) and the flashbacks.

John Hurt. The Doctor. And we briefly had Derek Jacobi as The Master.

Anyone else remember “I, Claudius”? Can you imagine John ‘Caligula’ Hurt and Derek ‘Claudius’ Jacobi facing off respectively as The Doctor and The Master, even if only briefly?

I won’t get into spoilers, but so far everything I’ve heard about the upcoming 50th anniversary special sounds… disappointing. I hope a lot of the things I’ve heard are smokescreen and Moff has something epic in mind, as opposed to what would amount to little more than a 5th anniversary special. It’s like Moff is only grudgingly aware that there was Who before he and RTD came along, or that he’s afraid of reminding us how awesome the show was when they had to get by on scripts and acting because there wasn’t an effects budget.


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