Ohio is being dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century

Relative to the recent equal marriage decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States, I would have liked something more sweeping, but I certainly didn’t expect something more sweeping and I would have been (pleasantly) stunned with something more sweeping, but we essentially got the rulings I’d expected.

The thing I want explained most is why no one else seems to have noticed that the Biblical definition of marriage is emphatically not monogamous. Traditional Mormonism and Islam have Biblical marriage: polygamy. One man and one woman is NOT marriage as envisioned in the Bible and to suggest otherwise is simply and factually wrong.

Anyway, Ohio’s positively medieval anti-gay amendment just had its first shot across the bow — although this one was aimed more at its waterline. Judge Timothy Black of the US District Court for Southern Ohio has ruled that Ohio can not refuse to recognize legally performed same-sex marriages from other states. Since Ohio law already admits that it will recognize marriages between first cousins, or between minors, that are legally performed in other states even if the couple went to the other state to get married just to get around the Ohio restriction, there is no legal justification to not recognize same sex marriages performed in other states. While it leaves the anti-gay amendment in place, it both shoots a huge hole in it and points the way to its overturning (if it isn’t repealed outright first).


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