Ohio’s grand astronomy tradition fails for once

Which is to say, there wasn’t an annoying high haze that blocked out anything dimmer than first magnitude, nor were we wholly socked in by clouds.

First off, a tip o’ the blog to Suburban Banshee’s head’s-up about Nova Delphini 2013, which has brightened to naked eye visibility, the first one in quite some time.

Anyway, the sky tonight was magnificently clear, and even though there was a pesky gibbous moon, I could put a building between myself and it, and see the nova for myself, first in binoculars, and then just faintly naked eye, with averted vision.

It’s not known yet whether it will brighten further; it’s been reported around mag 4, which ain’t bad, although most measurements are closer to 4.4-4.5. Even so, that’s epic.

Now go, get yourself a starmap, and go out with your binoculars and look!


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  1. […] UPDATE: Well, I haven’t had much luck with observing the nova (overcast skies, traditional in Ohio when you really really want to stargaze, as noted at the post linked below) but our friend in Columbus over at Bob’s Basilica has. […]

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