Just asking for trouble

Even though the PDF spells out the rules for what names are and are not acceptable, I expect the number of people who read them before submitting names to the International Astronomical Union under their new initiative to solicit names for astronomical objects from the public will be an exceedingly small percentage of the number of people who actually do submit names.

That said, I wonder what I would suggest for the planet candidate I co-discovered earlier this year–which I just noticed I never blogged about. I participate in several online citizen science projects, Planet Hunters among them (a Zooniverse project — join us, join us!), and one of the light curves I marked as possibly being a planet appears to actually be one. That was one of the coolest emails I ever received. :D

Anyway, the host star is a 15th magnitude one in Lyra (which gave me a lovely Contact moment when I learned that!), and is generally quite unremarkable. And it’s right here.


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