There has been much cookery of late.

My new place does not have a large kitchen, but it has a larger kitchen than my old place, and I have been enjoying the heck out of it. It’s nice having some room to work, even if it’s not a lot of room to work, since the old one had no room to work.

I am finally tackling baking. I’ve made bread (without using a bread machine) which was just lovely and I’ll probably make another loaf tonight. I’m going to tackle red velvet cake from scratch (the one from a mix was just lovely, but I think I can do better than that).

I’ve also engaged in some just plain experimentation. Ramen, for example, can be made just lovely if you put a little extra effort in. I chopped up a yellow pattypan squash (have I mentioned how much I love having a weekly farmers market only two blocks away?) and sautéed it with onions and garlic in butter, added the requisite water and only half the flavor packet, and then the noodles. Oh, that was good.

I also learned how to make fried rice — it’s really easy. I chuck a handful of peas and corn into the rice cooker with the rice, and whatever herbs and spices seem a good idea at the time. The hard part is that you have to plan well ahead since the rice needs to cool before you can make it.

However, my pizza sauce and my peanut sauce seem to have fallen off, so I have to work on those. Not sure what’s on the menu tonight other than the pork chops thawing in the fridge right now. I’m sure I’ll figure out something to do with them. I’m leaning towards a brief soak in dry vermouth with rosemary before pan-frying, but I dunno yet. Depends on how tired I am when I get home. If I had some pineapple and almonds, I might make a Hawaiian pizza… hm. May have to stop at the store on the way home.


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