Less than two weeks, cue panic mode

The hotel for OVFF is fully booked, so I’m glad I got my room back in May (with a request for something closer to the action — last year I was about as far away as you could get without physically leaving the building). And I got my membership… I *think*. I’ll be prepared to pay at the gate if I have to, though, but I’m pretty sure I already got that online, too.

There are a LOT of things on the schedule I want to do this year; usually I just kind of float around and catch up with folks. Well, that’s a good thing. Really, all I have left to do is a couple loads of laundry and packing a bag or two. I’m actually half tempted to sneak up to the Frisky Puppy party on Thursday night after work, except that I wouldn’t get there until 1am and I’m not sure if the puppy will still be frolicking at that hour.


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