Post-con comedown, but gently.

I’ll never be too old for conventions, but I can see eventually becoming too old to recover from them gracefully. But not yet!

I have noticed that the people who came to OVFF with their parents twentysome years ago when I first started attending now look like their parents did twentysome years ago… oog. Well, I suppose I look like my dad did twenty years ago, so it’s only fair.

Anyway, I had one of the best jams ever Saturday night; Hope (whose last name has fallen out of my head, I am *so* sorry if you’re reading this!!) with her saxophones, and Peter Alway with his guitar, and someone whose name I didn’t catch because we had the lights down to simulate a dark jazz club who gave us some magnificent vocals, for probably about two hours, much of which got recorded and I can’t wait to hear it. Generally, if we approached any existing song it was nearly accidental; we were freestyling the whole time (except for a little while on Peter’s “Evil Waltz”). I need to see if I can get a recording of the Sunday jam, too — it was pretty blazing.


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