Spent most of today in bed with a blazing migraine; it seems to have mostly passed now, but ugh. Nothing like wasting a day off by lying in bed drugged into insensibility. Dunno if it’s post-con comedown, the change in the weather, or both. Need to go out and pick up something bland but filling, or just make rice, but I haven’t anything really suited to go with it.

I made a sort of chirashizushi last night — had some leftover smoked salmon that I wanted to be rid of, then sliced some green onion shoots and carrots to go with. It was pretty good; the rice was the wrong texture, but I was using the wrong rice to begin with so it wasn’t really unexpected.

I’m hoping to feel stable enough the rest of the night to bake a pumpkin pie for the halloween thing at work tomorrow, but I’m not optimistic. My stomach still does a bit of a backflip whenever I walk into the kitchen, so cooking may be well out of the question. We’ll see how I am after running to the corner store. Well, okay, walking to the corner store.


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