Alas. Even though I expected it.

Made another submission for professional publication. This time I met their submission requirements, so it got read.

And I failed to make the sale. Which I expected, because no one sells their first story. Lesson learned: I can be rejected on content and quality reasons and not die. I’m happy with the lesson, even though it would’ve been far cooler to have sold the story.

In contrast to the last time, I had to expand the story to meet their requirements. The original was about 470 words; of course, it was written presupposing you already knew the characters — it’s meant to be a later entry in my overall anthology. So I had to add a few things to introduce the characters and scenario, and it ended up about 670 words.

That was probably as educational as trying to compress a 7000 word story into 4000.

So I’m pleased, even without getting accepted.


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