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Happy Centenary

On Tuesday the 12th, children’s author Beverly Cleary turns 100.  I remember reading her Henry Huggins and Ramona the Pest books when I was four or five; I still remember fair chunks of them — Henry trying to get his dog on the city bus, Ramona thinking ‘a quarter past eight’ was 8:25, since a quarter is 25¢ — and I hope they’re still in print.  They were well written, funny, and maybe more to the point relevant: certainly I knew kids like those in her books.

No doubt they’d seem old-fashioned by now, but there’s nothing wrong with that.  We really did used to go outside and play before there were iPads and PlayStations.  I can highly recommend it.


Ten years already? Wow.

That’s how long it’s been since my last cigarette.

Can I have a “Woot!”?

Can’t handle any more good news, but sure, bring it!

Okay, between the Philae waking up and the New Horizons mission and the new job and a whole bunch of other things, I thought that pretty well should handle my quota for good news this summer.

Nope, here’s a goodie for everyone: Bloom County is back!  And, weirdly, providing the first good reason I’ve ever seen to visit Facebook…

What’s new around here?

Not much.  I’m just permanently employed for the first time in five years.  Can I have a “WOOHOO!”?

File under: so wrong it’s right

Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while: voice actor panels at Emerald City Comic Con where they, uh, reinterpret the Star Wars scripts.  They’ve got through the first two movies; one hopes they’ll be doing ‘Jedi’ eventually (looks like they didn’t have a voice talent guest list this year).  Jim Cummings’ ‘Darth Pooh’ is disturbingly hilarious.  :D

Not generally work safe, once they get good and going…

Part 1 (2012)

Part 2 (2013 1st set)

Part 3 (2013 2nd set)

Part 4 (2014)

Kicking and screaming into the 21st century

I have a smartphone now.

I can’t say I actually wanted one, but for the price, I’d’ve been a fool not to get it.  Android something or another.  Still gettin’ used to it.  It doesn’t suck, but likewise I am not (yet) overjoyed by the change.  Maybe I just need to find the right app to make me go wow.

Stray thoughts are not brain safe

I was thinking about authors whose works I prefer in adaptation to the originals, and the two writers that head that list are Shakespeare, and Lovecraft.

This promptly led to Romeo and Cthuliet.  I decline to follow that thought any further.  That way madness lies.


I would like to go just ONE FUCKING WEEK without something breaking on my bike.

Never mind the football game

There’s a reason they call them The Best Damn Band In The Land:

Kitchen creativity

Or at least mixology, and a quick websearch suggests it’s original: there’s no drink by the name I call it, or with the ingredients I used.

I present the Dreamsicle:

1 shot Cointreau
1 shot whipped cream flavored vodka

Simple and to the point, yes?