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If the current White House mess isn’t the definition of fucked up…

…then Nixon was innocent and Dubya knew what he was doing.

Hint:  Nixon wasn’t, and Dubya didn’t.


So let me get this right

Here’s one thing I’ve heard from Trumpies — that voting for him was okay because he couldn’t possibly really believe all the things he said.

So.  You voted for Trump hoping he was a liar, but wouldn’t vote for Hillary because… you think she’s a liar.

Fuck you.

I am very happy with my choices

I can’t imagine any of the Repubs handling these questions with the same ease and humor.




I don’t often shed a tear over the news, and even more rarely one of happiness.  I really hadn’t expected anything quite so sweeping; I figured there would be a narrow decision requiring states to recognize marriages performed in other states and then punting on the question of equal marriage.

There have already been marriages in downtown Columbus, right out in front of the county courthouse.

And if this isn’t a reminder of the dangers of a Republican administration next year — what kind of person do you want named to the court in case of a vacancy?  Someone who believes in equal protection under the law, or another Scalia?

New Who

No spoilers, just want to say that by and large, I approve.

I already have my insane hairbrained theory about a character, too. If I guessed this one right, I will need rotator cuff surgery after I finish patting myself on the back.

Geography. It’s no one’s strong suit.

Buzzfeed provides what happens when you ask Brits to label the fifty states.

Before you feel cocky, here’s what happened when they asked Americans to label the nations of Europe.

Hell to the YES! this needs to happen!

This actually trumps there being a new Cosmos series: Joel wants to reboot MST3K!!!!

Farewell, the Rani

Last couple years have sucked for us classic Who fans, between Liz and Sarah Jane and the Brigadier and Romana I; now comes the word that Kate O’Mara, who played The Rani against both the Sixth and Seventh Doctors, has passed away. Kate masquerading as Mel in ‘Time and the Rani’ was one of the most deliciously looney scenes in all of Doctor Who, and it’s a great pity that she will not be able to re-create her role on the new series.

Whurf. If Capaldi’s Doctor really is moving to a more serious style, a confrontation with The Rani would’ve been magnificent. Cheers, Kate. You’ll be missed.

Good night, Pete

It’s hard to say that someone’s passing at the age of 94 is unexpected, but it was starting to look like Pete Seeger was indestructible.

I had the great good fortune to hear (and from where we were, only barely see) him perform at the 1981 March on the Pentagon; hard to believe that was more than thirty years ago, but time does move on.

Go raise some hell with the powers-that-be in his memory.

An alteration to the temperature scale

A wind chill of -23°F should be read as “Minus 23? Fuck!”, not “Minus 23 degrees Fahrenheit”. On my way to the bus stop. Wish me luck.