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Out of touch much?

Oh, well done.  While fucking Utah has marriage equality; I live under the jurisdiction of the only court that thinks institutionalized bigotry is just fine and dandy.  By a 2-1 decision, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the existing equal marriage bans in Ohio, as well as Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.

And if Judge Daughtry is right in her blistering dissent (starting at p 43 of the decision),

Because the correct result is so obvious, one is tempted to speculate that the majority has purposefully taken the contrary position to create the circuit split regarding the legality of same-sex marriage that could prompt a grant of certiorari by the Supreme Court and an end to the uncertainty of status and the interstate chaos that the current discrepancy in state laws threatens.

…or in regular English, that the majority is deliberately trying to force the Supreme Court to get involved, that is no comfort.  As has been said in many other contexts, justice delayed is justice denied.

My regional appeals court just told me that my state has the Constitutional right to discriminate against me for no reason other than the simple fact that I am gay.  Not because I have committed a crime, not because I have been found mentally incompetent, but simply and only because I am gay.

My regional appeals court — or 2/3 of it, anyway — can go fuck itself.



I would like to go just ONE FUCKING WEEK without something breaking on my bike.

On Net Neutrality

Comments are now open at the FCC on Docket 14-28 and 10-127 on net neutrality.

Here’s what I sent them.


I would like to first remind the Commission that the Internet is not a creation of the broadband carriers, but was created out of a collaboration between the US military, educational and research institutions, and some few early technology firms, and then given its modern face by the invention of the World Wide Web at CERN in Europe. To paraphrase a soundbite from the last election cycle, they didn’t build that.

Even so, broadband carriers are effectively claiming control over something that is not theirs, by deciding what they will carry. Their function is that of delivery of data, not of gatekeeping content.

The Internet only works when communications is free, fair, and unhampered. The reason it is a billion-dollar business is *because* of net neutrality, not in spite of it.

I for one remember connecting to the Internet before the development of flashy graphical clients and certainly before the coming of broadband internet service. I would not have my service be effectively reduced to that again in the name of private profiteering off of what must now be considered a public utility, and broadband providers must now be considered common carriers. My utility company isn’t permitted to degrade my electrical service or limit the amount of natural gas I may use if I switch providers from the main ones in the area; the same must apply to broadband carriers.

Furthermore, because of the interconnectedness that makes the Internet work, the actions of a broadband carrier go well beyond affecting only their clients. Messages are routed through many networks to get from one point to another; one carrier in between myself and someone I wish to communicate with can affect our communications, without either of us being a client of that carrier.

Lastly, there are a number of public initiatives that are put at risk by the loss of net neutrality. NASA’s Kepler project relies on citizen science — volunteers around the world — to be able to process the vast amount of data it has generated, and it has paid off in the thousands of new exoplanets discovered. There are hundreds of other citizen science projects out there, ranging from abstruse ones like longstanding number theory problems to very real-world ones on protein folding and cancer research. Few of these would survive if a carrier demanded higher rates for their data traffic; the appallingly low rate of scientific funding means almost all are running on a shoestring already.

The shadow cast by Comcast’s action is a long one, and the damage that privatizing the Internet is incalculable. The effects are beyond higher connectivity costs for users and content providers.

The Internet is no longer the plaything of nerds and technophiles; millions of people rely on it daily for far more than mere entertainment–it’s vital to our work and our lives now. Allowing broadband carriers to effectively privatize it will do nothing to enhance Internet service for anyone, and will degrade it for millions.

The FCC *must* stand in favor of net neutrality.

Stray thoughts part n, where n is a large but finite number

Re: the USA/Belgium World Cup match Tuesday. Now I know why Douglas Adams uses ‘belgium’ as a swear word. Well done, Red Devils, but dayamn.

I’m about ready to get a handlebar-mounted camera for my bike so I can record my trip to and from work, and use the stills from it to start a photo blog called “Stupid £µ¢«ing Assholes”. You know, the idiots who count bicyclists as if they’re the same as a break in traffic, or who think red lights and stop signs don’t apply to them, or are really just convinced that they drive the only real vehicle in the universe and everything else on the road is a hallucination — that last applying especially to local cab drivers.

@^$*)%#$)*^@_($^!!!!!! Redux

The clouds actually cleared in time for the show – which was itself a no-show. The only images of meteors caught so far are coming from Canada, and they look like very short-track meteors, all low to the northern horizon even up there.

However, with the sky clear, I at least had the opportunity. I feel better having seen nothing, but at least getting to observe for myself, than if we’d stayed socked in and I had the chance denied. And, I saw an excellent overflight of the ISS, roughly magnitude -1.7 (translation: bloody effing bright for anything in the night sky, especially something visibly moving). The only things that get brighter than that at night are the Moon, some of the planets, and Iridium flares (which at their peak are second only to the Moon).

But Ohio? DON’T DO THAT TO ME! Sheesh…


So tonight there’s a brand new meteor shower that may actually approach meteor storm levels. The part of the sky it’s in is clearly visible from my bedroom window. And the national weather service predicts clear skies.


I so completely fucking hate Ohio weather. This is total and complete fucking bullshit of the highest order, a never before seen meteor shower and possible storm, and a clear forecast, and the sky fucking clouds over the very hour it’s supposed to start being visible.

And the worst thing of all is that it’s no one’s fault — outside of the forecasters who STILL have ‘clear’ on the forecast for tonight. And the weather isn’t their fault.

The expectations of the weather that they set, THAT is their fault.

Not good enough, Ohio!

Okay, so I know Ohio does things in a boring, plodding, Midwestern way.

But seriously, being beaten to equal marriage rights by Idaho and Arkansas?

That’s just embarrassing.


Spent most of today in bed with a blazing migraine; it seems to have mostly passed now, but ugh. Nothing like wasting a day off by lying in bed drugged into insensibility. Dunno if it’s post-con comedown, the change in the weather, or both. Need to go out and pick up something bland but filling, or just make rice, but I haven’t anything really suited to go with it.

I made a sort of chirashizushi last night — had some leftover smoked salmon that I wanted to be rid of, then sliced some green onion shoots and carrots to go with. It was pretty good; the rice was the wrong texture, but I was using the wrong rice to begin with so it wasn’t really unexpected.

I’m hoping to feel stable enough the rest of the night to bake a pumpkin pie for the halloween thing at work tomorrow, but I’m not optimistic. My stomach still does a bit of a backflip whenever I walk into the kitchen, so cooking may be well out of the question. We’ll see how I am after running to the corner store. Well, okay, walking to the corner store.

Something noticed recently

There’s been an uptick in the number of spam comments that try to get through lately. Don’t waste your time. I moderate my comment queue.

What’s the latest estimate, that 90% of email traffic is now spam? It’s past time for international action, and the penalty should be jail time, not just fines. Think about how much bandwidth could be cleared up if we could get rid of all the shit clogging it.

Bumbles bounce. I don’t.

My new apartment is back within biking distance of work, which gives me an hour and a half of my day back, since I can leave a half hour before work starts and be there on time, and also be back home before midnight, instead of twenty after 12 or so.

Assuming, of course, I don’t repeat what happened last Sunday night.

I do not know how my front wheel got sideways. I do know I went sailing over it and came down ribs-first on the concrete curb. Knocked the wind clean out of me — I didn’t know how much of a beating I’d taken until after I finished gasping for breath, by which time a local police officer pulled up to offer assistance.

I am well and truly tenderized — but nothing broken, thankfully. Couple real ugly abrasions on my arms, twin scrapes across my torso from the curb (ripped my shirt and t-shirt open), a huge bruise on my right hip, my right shoulder and right ribs are achey (and sometimes stabby if I reach for something too fast). A little owie on my knee. Didn’t hit my head at all, oddly enough. The bike appears to be fine, but I haven’t ridden it since Sunday — more because it would hurt too much to lug the bike up and down the stairs than the need of repairs or having gone saddle-shy.

I should be back to close enough to normal within a week or two. Until then — ow.