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More admissions from our spooky friends in Langley

Just days after admitting Area 51 exists, the CIA now admits their role in the 1953 coup in Iran, which is at the root of much modern international… mischief, let’s say.  A larger example of blowback is hard to imagine — the overthrow of a popularly elected president to install an authoritarian monarch at the behest of a corporation (Anglo-Iranian Oil Co) annoyed because Iran nationalized their oil industry was probably the biggest domino leading to modern militant Islam (the other being the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan).

One starts to wonder what further soul-baring is coming, and what they’re hoping to slip under the radar amidst other revelations (however widely publicly believed before they admitted them).

Oh, and Anglo-Iranian Oil?  Today they’re known as BP.  Make of that what you will.


Aaaand… big deal

The CIA officially admits Area 51 exists. This tells us one thing: they’re not doing the really sensitive research there anymore.

What, did you think I was going to say something about UFOs?

Words fail.

Sometimes, the only thing you can say is “…the HELL?” China proves that their politicos are neuron for neuron just as deranged as anyone in Dumbass’ (mal)administration. Thankee to for the linky…

C is for cookie, that’s good enough for meme…

gave me the letter “C“, and my job is to present ten things starting with C that I love, and thenyou all can request a letter too.

  1. Cousins… and siblings and parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and especially my nieces… the whole famn damily.
  2. Cats, of which I have two: Random and Mavis.
  3. Chords, of the musical kind, whether listening or playing–insert all the bands I love here, otherwise I’ll go way over ten, but particular mention to the Grateful Dead… :)
  4. Cambot and Crow T. Robot and Bill Corbett and Frank Coniff, to say nothing of Tom Servo, Gypsy, Magic Voice, Mike, Joel, Trace, Kevin, Jim, Mary Jo, Patrick, and Paul (and juliewa and barbbb). MST3K is still the best comedy ever put on TV.
  5. Chris Eccleston and Colin Baker and all the other Doctors and Companions (Compania?)
  6. Computer. Duh. :)
  7. Columbus, as I love the hell out of my adopted home town.
  8. Cosmology and Cosmos, as I love the astrosciences.
  9. Coins, which I collect, and
  10. Courses, specifically of the golf and minigolf variety.

    Next? No bizarre letters, I promise!

    EDIT: Augh! I ran out of room for Cameras (specifically my Minolta XG1–film still beats binary), Cooking, the Caves of Steel and damn near everything else Asimov ever wrote, Roger Corman and the other masters of the B- (and Z-) movie, cable stitch and knitting in general… augh!

Oh, like that’s a surprise.

According to a new study, there’s a direct link between mental illness and support for Dumbass.

One word: Duh.

Well, duh.

See, this is what you get when you have a real President who wants real information: you get a real assessment of what it would take in Iraq… which of course means Dumbass and Rummy and Darth Cheney have had the paperwork since day one on what their precious little invasion would really cost.

Meanwhile, the Gannett-run Army Times has issued an interesting editorial for their military readership: Rummy has to go.

While I’m here, let me just say that a Democratic Congress is what I want for my birthday this week. Demand your paper ballots when you vote Tuesday–I’m going to!

More stupidity on parade

No, caller, I cannot troubleshoot a problem with your computer that you yourself have already resolved. Tell you what. Next time I get a flat, I’ll replace the tire, then ask you what kind of nail I hit. Sheesh.

Stupid Human Tricks

My fellow techs will understand the pain. My non-technically inclined friends will see why sometimes tech support people can occasionally be a little short on the phone.

Boom today. Not tomorrow.

Having grown up across the street from a factory’s outlet drive where car crashes were pretty common–I could tell from the sound of the crunch what make and model got hit–you’d think I wouldn’t be surprised by a screech and a boom.

Except this time, the screech was twenty feet away on the street, and the boom was ten feet away on my front porch. No one was hurt. The driver must have been drunk and/or stoned and/or intensely stupid. He just got out of the car, looked at it funny like he was sure this was his regular parking space, and wandered away.

A few (large) pictures are here, here, here, here (in this image, the window on the left right over the hood is where I was sitting), here, here and here.

Oh, yeah, this is a surprise.

This one via userinfoataniell93, who was also unsurprised by her results.

You scored as Ravenclaw. You have been sorted into Ravenclaw- you value intelligence, and love the chance to use your cleverness (and maybe even show it off- just a little). You’re keen and incisive, and you just love a challenging problem to solve.









The Hogwarts Sorting Hat!
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I am, of course, unsurprised by getting 100% on a test. ;)