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Green, and green, and green.

While the local Memorial Tournament up at Muirfield Village typically grabs all the golf news in the area, with a little left over for the NCH Invitational in July over on OSU Scarlet, there’s other interesting things going on, for those fascinated by watching a little white ball get smacked around.

But while Scarlet is fiendish in an Augusta National sort of way (being the last course designed by Mackenzie before taking on that particular stretch of Georgia real estate) and Muirfield Village is a cathedral with its tall, tall trees (perhaps Augusta needs to be upgraded to a basilica?), neither one of them does what Brookside G&CC does: green.

I don’t mean green. I mean GREEN. Thousands of different shades; sometimes that’s all you can see, broken only by the dark vertical green-brown trunks of trees. Blue-green fir; dark, medium and light green grass, reflecting differently depending on how it’s cut; kellys and jades and forests and emeralds and Persians and hunters and myrtles and celadons on and on endlessly. Hopefully some of the shots I took will display that, but I doubt it really can be duplicated. There are some places, like from the rear of the clubhouse, where you can look out and see only green grass and a darker green canopy and green bushes filling in between the two, and it’s like being inside some ecological optical art piece.

That’s part of the reason that Brookside is my “apply here when I win the lottery” club.

The other part is its confounding golf course.

The front side is narrow, and tree-lined, and carefully bunkered, and gives players whose shots stray from the straight and narrow fits.

The back nine is on a completely different planet, with dramatic elevation changes, tight doglegs, and two of the more visually impressive par threes that I’ve ever seen.

And that’s where I nearly got beaned by David Duval.

Not that he was trying to hit me, but his tee shot on the par 5 15th got away from him and I, trying to manage the steep hill to get down there, heard cracking and whacking in the trees above me and instinctively covered up — and plop came the ball about ten feet in front of me. He’s in good company — the last time I nearly got beaned, it was when a shot got away from Jack Nicklaus on the second at Muirfield Village in 2001. Two former World #1s, ten years apart. I suppose I’ll nearly get conked by Tiger in 2021.

Anyway, under the circumstances, he did what he had to — pitched back out into the fairway. Then his shot from there went left. We heard the particular whack that high-speed balata makes on bark, and he hit a provisional.

And then I found his original ball in the hay, well ahead of the tree it had hit. I got to keep his provisional as a souvenir — it did save him the penalty and stopped a bad hole from being a terrible one.

Sadly, it didn’t help — Brookside ate him up after he made the turn.

The Columbus sectional is always the big one — it’s the day after the Memorial, so there are a lot of pros in town already. Sixteen invitations and two alternate slots went out from here, the most of any of the qualifiers.

Good luck, gentlemen. You’re going to need it.


Hey, !

Didja happen to see who’s joint first (as of this writing) at the PGA Championship? :)

Oy, my back…

Took advantage of my time off from $EMPLOYER to visit a couple days with my friends Walt and Siobhan, their two children, and three oversized dogs who are convinced each of them that they’re really no more intimidating than a chihuahua.

Absinthe—prepared the traditional way with a sugar cube and a cold water drip—has been consumed. It’s lovely.

Golf was played. I shot two bogeys and a 74 at Kyber Run. Unfortunately the two bogeys were my *best* holes and the 74 was for nine holes, not eighteen. I reached a par-5 almost in the regulation three shots—a five iron off the tee, a five-iron out of the woods, and a five iron up close to the green. I then took three chips to get it up on the deck, and three putts to get it in the hole. Oh, well.

We talked–and this will hopefully be of interest to , , , and any other Vanguarders that I’m forgetting as I’m really exhausted—about the possibility of a 20th anniversary special issue for Vanguard Dossier in 2010.

The third round’s in the record books!

may be less pleased to see what’s happened to yesterday’s joint third… You know the drill!

Masters, day two!

Not bad. Seven of my ten picks made the cut. Sadly, Boom Boom wasn’t one of them. Two are in the top ten, and will be glad to see who’s sitting joint third… Right through here

Day One…

Not bad. If you’re curious about how my picks are doing , you know what to do

Yup, still alive

Masters week. Time for golf geekery!

Gotta pick Tiger. He wants it, like he hasn’t in a while.

I would love to see a Sunday final pairing of Phil and Tiger. Can’t rule it out, it would be some great stuff.

In previous years, I’ve listed my top ten in order. Nope, not gonna do that this year. Here’s the ones that will be in that Top Ten, though. Or at least so I think.

  • Tiger Woods–Duh.
  • Phil Mickelson–Duh again.
  • Steve Stricker–Strong all year this year.
  • K.J. Choi–K.J. always seems to kick it up a notch at Augusta.
  • Retief Goosen–Two-time US Open winner, always strong there.
  • Geoff Ogilvy–Coming off a win at the WGC-CA Championship on the Blue Monster a couple weeks ago
  • Luke Donald–T10 last year at Augusta and comfortable there.
  • Robert Allenby–One of the stats leaders. Augusta is about hitting the right shots.
  • Stewart Cink–Another stats leader.
  • Fred Couples–I got a feeling about Boom Boom this year. He’s been playing well this year after essentially taking last year off, and if he makes the cut this year, he will hold the all-time consecutive cut record at Augusta. Heck, as recently as 2006 he was in the final pairing.

Tune in later to see how completely wrong I was. :)

An understated word from the genteel world of golf

Holy frickin’ shit on a stick, I got Phil Mickelson’s autograph! And I missed Arnold Palmer’s literally by three inches… he got the book next to mine, augh!

I have almost two gig of pictures. The best of them will slowly end up on my Flickr account. Yeehaw! I also have sunburn, and hurt in places I didn’t even know I had from walking a course that I’d swear gets hillier every year… but yeehaw! anyway! :D

What The Masters and Paul McCartney have in common

That would be liking something from Iowa. In the latter’s case, as he once said at a concert in the state, corn. In the former’s, one Zach Johnson, newly-minted Masters Champion. *high-fives former Iowan *

Hee. That’s one more major champion’s autograph I got before they were a major champion. Wonder how much his’ll change?

Future generations will call it The Massacre at the Masters

Jeeeeeeminy crizmus, what the hell happened? I left for work and Appleby was cruising along, some four, five shots ahead of Tiger, I come home and find out that everyone’s tryin’ to give the tournament to someone else! The good news (especially for ) is that this brings Phil and Zach right back into things–ZJ’s only two off the lead in joint fourth, and Phil’s only two back of that.

Oh yeah. And The Creature shot a seven-over 79 to fall waaaaaaaay back.

So how are my picks doing? *Now* you can ask