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That’s my girl!

Over on, we have a family website. My sister Jenni just posted a picture of Channel 13 news doing a feature on safe Trick-or-Treating from Mom’s heavily decorated front yard — the second time news teams have picked her yard to do a Halloween piece from.

Looking at the picture, I see my older niece Emily in robes, wearing the Gryffindor scarf I made her and weilding the Hermione wand I got her for last xmas. Woot!

She’s taking guitar lessons — with any luck it’s only a matter of time before she’s accompanying her uncle to OVFF. Heck, if you go back enough generations, we come from Taylor stock, so I already know what to call our band: Taylor Made! :)

My sister reports that Em has discovered the Potter Puppet Pals, and has been known to skip around the house singing o/` Follow the butterflies! Follow the butterflies! o/` Typically at this point, Jen gets the Hermione wand, intones Emicus owicus! and ponks Em lightly on the head. Emily will inevitably reply “Ow!”, and Jenni will just as inevitably say, “See? The spell works!”

Yup. I’m definitely par for the course in this family.


A little late, Jo. Again

Link had from my dear : J.K. Rowling says Dumbledore was gay. That’s nice. D’you think you might’ve actually put that somewhere in one of the books, Jo?

This is bothering me more, the more I think about it, actually.

First of all, I’m not a big fan of divining authorial intent by anything more than the marks they made on paper—if they meant to make a particular statement, then a writer should be able to bloody well write it that way. If they can’t, then either they should rethink what they’re trying to say, or start major edits. If they didn’t write what they meant to say, then either they didn’t mean to say it, or they’re not as good a writer as they thought. So what she says now about what she wrote seems pretty meaningless to me. If she wanted Dumbledore to be gay, give us some better clues in text, not after the fact. I mean, she may as well be telling us that McGonagall and Sprout have been having a lesbian affair for the last fifteen years. We lack canonical data to back up the statement.

Second, it’s contextless, which is a problem we’ve had with JKR’s writing from day one that caught up with her in a horrible way in the last two books. Things appear from whole cloth in later books—particularly in HBP and DH—that she did no setup for in the first five books. So Albus had the hots for Grindelwald. I might care if we knew anything about Grindelwald other than a few obscure and negative references before now. Our pre-DH knowledge of Grindelwald is little more than A) he was a big nasty dark wizard during the same time frame as WW2 and B) Albus defeated him. How are we supposed to divine anything more from that?

Third, she had a couple that was damn near canonically gay—Lupin and Sirius—and ran away from it, as far and as fast as possible.

At best, I can say her authorial intent was muddy. At worst, she completely lost her narrative thread and didn’t know how to get it back.

Mainly, I say that if you mean to say it, write it. Don’t backfill after the trees have already chopped down and covered in ink marks.

Well, no wonder the Weasley twins left.

Nicked from : 150 Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts. Numbers 31, 101 and 107 I have found may cause the ejection of potables at velocity. XD

Got the seventh book. Read the seventh book.

In re: Deathly Hallows — stretches of the old brilliance. A few unbearable bits. Really, neither more nor less than I expected. For the most part, a rollicking, breezy read. Solid B to B+ that could’ve been an A had she not had to deal with all the nonsense she set up for herself in HBP. Assloads better than HBP–but it could hardly not be.

And now, the very spoilery bits. No clicky if no want spoily.

Okay, I don’t need to see OotP now. :)

Order of the Phoenix acted out by one girl. Not responsible for damage to keyboards and monitors due to high-velocity expulsion of potables. Pointed out by , who found it somewhere else, who I suppose found it themselves or somewhere else. (o/` Oh, I got it from Agnes, and she got it from Jim. We all agree it must have been Marie who gave it to him… o/`)

Ohyeah. In optical news…

Finally had my eye exam. Bifocals, as expected. I’m getting the lines, I like knowing where my focal areas are, and I’ve been advised by friends that the lineless ones are not good for people who tend to headaches, as I do. Black half-frames, rectangular. I tried a couple round frames and looked like a fortysomething Harry Potter… :P

I am considering going to short hair, but between bifocals and that, I don’t want to suddenly age myself ten or fifteen years. I can still get away with “being in my thirties” for the time being, and once in a while get mistaken for a late twentysomething.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I am going to hold off going to see OotP until I can actually see OotP. It should still be in the theaters two weeks hence when the new specs arrive. Eighty bucks for *everything*, exam, frames, lenses. Not bad insurance at all.

Just for the record here.

If one more person asks me if I’ve gone to see Transformers yet, they’re going to see a transformation more appropriate to Bruce Banner than any giant robot.

Yes, I’m an animation fan.

Yes, I like some anime.


I hate giant mecha anime, with the partial exception of “Big O”.

It’s a Michael Bay movie. The only reason Michael Bay isn’t the worst director in the world is because Uwe Boll is still breathing.

I’m not going to see it, I don’t care about it, I don’t even want to hear about it anymore.

Now, in other movie news, I’m going to try to see OotP when it opens today. But if it doesn’t have “It unscrews the other way”, it loses.

In case you care about Harry Potter anymore

Scholastic has revealed the cover art for the last book.


HP stuff.

I found it greatly ironic that the day that they announced Book Seven hits on July 21 this year, they also released a very non-Potter-y poster of Daniel Radcliffe from the production of Equus he’s doing. Well, non-Potter-y in canon anyway. It’s G-rated by fanfic standards. :D

And to make matters weirder… is it me, or is Radcliffe beginning to resemble the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant?

Woot, holiday.

I have already become rather fond of ‘s usage of $DECEMBERHOLIDAY to denote whatever folks are celebrating this time of year, so that will become standard in this journal, methinks.

At work. Feh. I may get deviated (sent home early); kinda hope I do, even though it means unpaid time off. and I are expected at Mom and Dad’s by four. My older niece has asked for (and at last report is getting) a guitar this year—I’ve gotten her chord and fingering flash cards in the shape of a guitar neck so she can practice the fingering on them.

My sister reports that said niece is working on a novel(!) and has writing skills that blow her teacher’s mind. I sense the guiding hand of her musical and fannish uncle is needed here. XD She’s a heavy-duty Potterphile, so it shouldn’t be too hard to edge her toward Lewis, and Tolkien, and thence to MZB, Stasheff and Eddings and perhaps across to SF somewhere along the way. Fingers, toes and pseudopodia crossed. She’s got the mindset to be a fan, that’s sure.