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Something recently noticed

You can pretty smoothly sing the Mystery Science Theatre theme to I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miz.

Or maybe that should be Les MST now… :D


I watch too many old sci-fi movies.

I was updating a record in the system at work. Specifically, I was removing the ‘deceased’ flag from a client record. And I couldn’t help myself, I had to go “BWAAA-HAHAHAAA! IT’S ALIVE!” when I did.

And I was actually disappointed there was no thunder and/or lightning.

I hope Douglas Adams would have been pleased.

I got curious about the home of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, Ursa Minor Beta — or rather β Ursæ Minoris, as it would properly be known — and looked it up on Wikipedia.

It’s 42 times the size of the sun. This was not known until 2011, so Adams didn’t choose it deliberately.

This goes into my file of ‘unexpectedly beautiful facts’. :)

Please tell me someone else has already written this.

I really really wish I could remember my dreams more often. I woke up with precisely one line of a filk stuck in my head, and I quote (the tune should be obvious):

o/` It’s fun to study with Y-O-D-A, it’s fun to study with Y-O-D-A… o/`

I don’t even like the Village People, or the dog’s breakfast Lucas has made of Star Wars since the original trilogy! What scares me more is that a quick Google search turns up nothing, so either I’m the first person to think of this… or the only one sick enough to go public with it.

Food for thought.

Or maybe just thinkin’ about food. Try these websites on for (super)size:

Fancy Fast Food
My Food Looks Funny

Reclaiming the title from my brother

I may have reclaimed my ‘weirdest thing in the family’ title from my brother.

So I was spending a couple days with my Evil Twin et famille and we were thinking about Calvin and Hobbes snowmen.

Then we did more than just think about it.

Lost Skeleton Returns Again trailer?

No. FIVE The Lost Skeleton Returns Again trailers.

Enjoy. I did.

Enough wasting time now. XD

Hey look! It’s Squidface!

Because there’s no reason madness and universal death and destruction can’t be tie-dye and huggably soft.

A white with pastel highlights one is in the works for the OVFF charity auction. :)

How do you improve the Garfield comic?

Take Garfield out. This goes on my weekly reading list. :)


Some of you may recall the MSTing and I wrote of the Batman Forever script, in the opening host segment of which I made reference to the fictional comic book “Moose Man #37”.

Imagine my shock…

You know, it’s a moral imperative to get that now…

EDIT: Not to be outdone, the Swedes offer this… the home site is here, where DivX and MPEG2 versions await. Oy.