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Collage? No, I graduated.

Yeah, everyone else is doing it.

My world, and welcome to it.


Couple memes to start the week.

Both had from jayteeone. First, the short one:

Which OS are You?

And now, the longer one. Could I live in Britain?

Stray bits.

And now, more schadenfreude. Heh. Heh. Heh.

I’m just waiting for the first how-to on mounting one of these suckers on your car.

Freakin’ sweet!

Nikolaus Kopernik‘s (Copernicus, to you non-Poles) remains may have been found. I didn’t even know his body was missing.

Forward into the past!

For the first time in about a month, I actually have Windows running. Actually, I finally moved from 95b to 98SE.

It still sucks. If I didn’t need it for Poser and JN6, I’d be on pure Linux.


Updates will be spotty at best. My computer is now an oversized paperweight. I don’t even know yet which components are beyond hope and which are salvageable. I think (I hope, I pray) that the hard drives survived. The power supply is almost certainly toast, and odds are that the mainboard and possibly the CPU and memory died, too.

Wish me luck. I am not a happy camper.

What a (*&%#$%# of a week (until now)

So me roomie’s computer died Sunday morning. Services were held all night until I couldn’t focus anymore, and the only thing accomplished was getting a base installation of 98SE on there, costing us the chance to meet an out of town friend who was passing through the area. As it was, that worked out better for him, since it would have added a few hours to his drive time if he’d come down, so there was that anyway.

Monday night, I’ve got his data drive hooked up to my computer to see if I can force it to read by attacking it with Linux. No luck at first. I need a break; I disconnect his drive, put my machine back to its standard state, pop in Windows disk (I have a swap bay for my C:|/dev/hda drive).

Windows bluescreens rather than boots.

Restart in safe mode. Everything comes up essentially clean, so reboot.


Right about this time, I’m thinking about a road trip to Redmond to give A Certain Ultrawealthy Fuckwad a piece of my mind.

Screw it. Boot Linux. At least that system works.

Ran into a friend of mine online; he walked me through a few simple steps (that I didn’t know about) to get the errant data drive visible to Linux (lilo thought /dev/hdd was a SCSI drive, *d’oh!*) and (nothin’ up m’sleeve) presto! The 40G drive is alive, well, safe, and both of us are breathing sighs of relief.

Tuesday at work — stupid shit reigns. I get errors on Excel that no one else is getting. At least they were obviously system faults and not my own mistakes, but jeez!

Ever see the Dilbert episode called ‘The Knack’, where he lost his engineering skills for a while? That’s the zone I was in.

Anyway. Got Lou safely off to the airport this morning (threatened AM thunderstorms apparently decided to take a vacation day) and headed back to work.

I have ‘The Knack’ again. Some of my craftiest programming in a while … especially considering I haven’t touched VB in almost ten years, Excel macros in about three, and never really messed with VB scripting before. Even impressed the boss with one little trick I pulled in the update script.

And now … I dance the dance of the victorious programmer! (better avert your eyes while you still can)

Bill Gates: Alien Menace, or just an Evil Bastard?

Okay, someone answer me this:

What the everlasting Technicolor hell does having Internet Exploder on my computer have to do with loading my Palm software?

You see, as far as Microsoft is concerned, I am a total and committed Luddite. I run Windows 95b, I have expunged Exploder from my system, and I like it that way. I don’t want 98/2K/NT/ME/XP. I don’t like Windows. I don’t trust Windows. I only use it because I haven’t convinced wine to run Jack Nicklaus 6: Golden Bear Challenge or Poser 4 under X on my SuSE box.

Well, and I haven’t sorted out sound yet, either. But that’s my problem, not Linux’s. I bought a cheapo off-brand card. But that’s beside the point.

At CompUSA yesterday was a deal I couldn’t resist. A Palm IIIxe for $40 after rebate. I don’t need color and a built in camera/MP3 player/GPS, I’m perfectly happy with a IIIxe. Serial, no less — since of course USB is wonky at best under 95b, and I want to be able to use it on either side of my computer, Linux or 95.

And I go to load the software, and it says “You must have at least IE4 on your computer”, and offers to load IE5, which it can’t because that wants nothing earlier than 98…

So, I have this to say to the Palm programmers: get off your lazy asses and write goddamn code. You do not get to tell me what software I need, outside of what you write.

Hardly matters. I’m going to go home from work tonight and load up the dev libraries onto the Linux box and load the free Linux version. I feel confident that if I muck that up, all I need do is try again; it won’t kill the whole system, because Linux was written to run, not limp along between system failures.

The worst part is not that the Palm programmers are lazy. The worst part is that because they wrote their software to rely on IE, they’re buying into the mentality that M$ should be everywhere.

Funny, so far as I know, the MacOS version doesn’t require IE. I know the Linux client requires no particular browser. If it can be written without that dependency for the Mac or for Linux, then it can be done for M$ users.

I’m all for regime change. Starting here.