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More whackjobbery and wingnuttery

John Kasich is determined to prove that he’s an idiot. I mean, we already knew it, but he actually seems proud of it and wants everyone to know.

I mean, what else is one to think when he goes about claiming that those who oppose his policies will have to answer to god for that?

Excuse me? What’s next, John — The Holy Office of the Westerville Inquisition? I have heard some horrible things come out of politicians’ mouths, but he’s just said that he expects his political opponents will go to Hell — for having the temerity to oppose him. I haven’t figured out yet if that’s hubris or a genuine mental breakdown.

The next gubernatorial election can’t come soon enough. The Democrats could nominate a broken lava lamp and I’d vote for it, at this point. It’s a shame we don’t have a recall provision in this state. Kasich needs to go, the sooner the better — as of now, I genuinely doubt his mental stability.


It’s a good day to not be a ‘Kool-Ade drinker’!

Congratulations to President Gore (dammit, you, me, and everyone but five hypocrites on the Supreme Court know damn well he won that election) on his Nobel Peace Prize! I hope that whiny usurper feels left out and annoyed that he got passed over — you know Dumbass thinks he deserves one for all his work “fighting turrists”.

And a tepid thank you to General Ricardo Sanchez for finally speaking the truth about Iraq. It’s just too damn bad he couldn’t do that four years ago, or that he didn’t do anything about the nightmare that was Abu Ghraib. And why, if he claims he had doubts about the mission from the day he took over in Iraq, didn’t he do anything while he was in a position to make a difference? (Here’s a CNN link, not that they made it easy to find, or had it linked from their front page … oh, no, news of ticket scalpers hitting the Hannah Montana concert tour was the most important thing they had to tell us about… sheesh)

Too little, too late. Nice to see you’ve woken up. Pity it doesn’t help the hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded Iraqis, to say nothing of the thousands of your own soldiers.

And now, the obligatory rant

Someone explain to me just how stupid the American people are.

No, really.

Six years on from the worst attack on American soil (you know, my president stopped the attack on his watch), and we’re bogged down in a war of conquest that is utterly irrelevant to any so-called war on terror while the actual terrorists go free.

Like clockwork, there’s a conveniently-timed new video from Osama bin Laden (if it really is from him and not part of another disinformation campaign), keeping Goldstein alive for Big Brother just a little bit longer.

Meanwhile, the Taliban is regaining control of Afghanistan, and no one has ever bothered asking the necessary hard questions fo Saudi Arabia (where most of the hijackers actually came from).

And six years on, the American people have not risen up in righteous indignation and said “NO.” They have not risen up and said “ENOUGH.” Minds muddled by and endless stream of pap and diversion by the Big Media, we march blindly onward, told by the Talking Heads in their most earnest voices that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train.

You want to know how I think we should best memorialize the thousands who died needlessly, because a lazy and stupid man couldn’t be bothered to read a briefing entitled “Bin Laden Determined To Strike In US”?

Impeach the motherfucker already. He has, either deliberately or through gross miscalculation, made us less safe, less free, less American.

And then send his sorry ass to The Hague for a long and well-deserved war crimes trial.

So, Karl Rove’s finally left.

Too bad it’s not because he’s going to jail. He is to politics what Jerry Falwell was to religion. Can’t wait for the criminal trials to start…

The Bumpersticker of the Day

“I liked it better when just the President was getting screwed.”

What more is there to say?

Impeach the motherf**ker already. I find it interesting that Senator Patrick Leahy used the word ‘stonewall’, which, in political circles, is most often recalled in connection with Watergate.

The only question remaining is whether, when it makes its way to the Supreme Court, Justice Kennedy will side with the Four Scalias (being Scalia himself, Thomas, Alito and Roberts) or will side with the law.

How many times can we say it? IMPEACH!

Judging by his treatment of inmates on Texas’ death row, I’m astounded that Fuckwit even knows what a commutation is. But he apparently dusted off the ol’ Merriam-Webster so he could hand one out to convicted perjurer Scooter Libby. No doubt Rove or Cheney had to look it up for him, since we also know that Gonzo doesn’t know the meaning, either.

Couldn’t even wait a year and a half for a pardon. He must’ve been scared shitless of the story Scooter would’ve told if he’d had to actually do time.

Impeach the bastard already.

Yeah. That’s “family values”.

We have a family friend who we’ve known for ages. I mean, she used to babysit me lo these many decades ago, that’s how long we’ve known her. She has been raising her granddaughter this last year and a half. Her daughter has been serving in Iraq, has been there the last 15 months, and her job is basically exploding roadside bombs. Her son-in-law is also in the military, stationed in Korea… but given Dumbass’ insistence on a “surge”, for how much longer?

Anyway, our friend’s daughter is finally back in the States after more than a year, and reunited with her daughter… and just learned she has to go back to Vietnam Iraq in August.

Mom has met with her local congresswoman (the redoubtable Marcy Kaptur, fortunately–I still count her as my representative, because the one for this district is hopeless). I’m writing my Senator–the one who might actually respond favorably–suggesting that a) the Sole Survivor policy adopted by the military after the death of the five Sullivan brothers on the USS Juneau be enacted into law rather than left as military policy that can be rescinded and b) when both parents of a minor child are active military and one is deployed to a hostile-fire area, the other be returned Stateside to continue their service here and tend to the needs of their family.

I mean, the only thing more unconscionable than asking a two-year-old child to risk her mother in a pointless, meaningless, unwinnable war is to separate her from her father at the same time.

No, really, how many?

So this morning I was listening to Attorney Field Marshal Gonzo’s stuttery explanation of how ‘mistakes were made’ in the firing of several US Attorneys who happened to be actually doing their job rather than laying off Republicans and investigating only Democrats, about how information mystically made it’s way from DoJ to the House, and how he was misinformed by his own chief of staff, and how all these things magically happened while he was looking the other direction… and I want to know something.

And to find out, I’m going to do something unusual–I’m going to open up anonymous and non-member posting on this thread. But there are ground rules, more of which later.

What I want to know from any Bushies who might be reading this (yeah, like there are any) is this: exactly how many more laws do Bush & Co. have to break, and/or how many more lies do they have to tell, before you admit that he just might not be OMG TEH GR8TEST PREZDINT EVAH!!!!11!1♥♥♥♥♥!!!1!

How many more American soldiers have to die needlessly before you admit that lying us into Iraq might not have been a good idea?

For extra credit, explain any of the following: how outing Valerie Plame wasn’t treason, why Newt Gingrich isn’t a hypocrite of the highest order, and why we should believe the so-called “intelligence” on Iran they’re trying to float now when they both ignored the good and relied on the bad (or made-up) intelligence to lie us into Iraq?

Now, here’s the ground rules. I will delete any post that contains any of the following:

  • ad hominem attacks, name calling, questioning the parentage, morals, character, orientation, etc. of myself or anyone else who doesn’t happen to toe the Dubya line.
  • Any attempt to rationalize the lies of Dubya, Cheney et al. with anything that can be translated as “Clinton lied too!” Not only does that not justify it, that’s completely beside the point. And if you’re trying to tell me that it’s okay for Dubya to lie us into a war with thousands of American dead and tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, you need therapy and/or heavy medication.
  • Any claims that Dubya at al. have not lied, broken any laws, or made any mistakes. Feel free to point out that they are unindicted, however. But the idea that this crew has somehow glided through the last six years in a state of holy grace is too ludicrous to countenance.
  • Anything that I deem to be more Bushie fingerpointing and blame dodging. It’s gone on too long.

Don’t like the rules? Too bad. Don’t post. My journal, and I’m not letting a Rove-style distraction campaign get under weigh. If you can post rationally and reasonably, I’m more than happy to respond in kind. Hell, for that matter, it’s my journal, and if I wanted to, I could just delete any post I wanted to. That’s Dubya’s America–if you got the power, you can screw over anyone you want to, and you don’t even need a good reason for it. I, however, will just set ground rules. I shan’t be surprised, though, if there are a large number of deleted posts left by Anonymous Cowards, because Bushies don’t believe rules should apply to them–only to other people who disagree with them.

Basically, I am sick and tired of this state of bliss that Dumbya & co. claim to live under, where ‘mistakes were made’ rather than ‘[this person] made a mistake and is going to be penalized for it’, and their blind followers just smile and nod and genuflect. So, if there are any of you out there, please explain yourself.

Best Bumper Sticker I’ve Seen In Ages

I never thought
I’d miss Nixon.

Seen on 5th Avenue the other morning. Heh. Yaknow… I do miss the old crook, in a weird way.