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It’s been 15 years, the long national nightmare is over…



At least three new episodes of MST3K are going to be made!


Ten years already? Wow.

That’s how long it’s been since my last cigarette.

Can I have a “Woot!”?

Can’t handle any more good news, but sure, bring it!

Okay, between the Philae waking up and the New Horizons mission and the new job and a whole bunch of other things, I thought that pretty well should handle my quota for good news this summer.

Nope, here’s a goodie for everyone: Bloom County is back!  And, weirdly, providing the first good reason I’ve ever seen to visit Facebook…

What’s new around here?

Not much.  I’m just permanently employed for the first time in five years.  Can I have a “WOOHOO!”?

What brings the most raw, unadulterated joy into my life?

A new series of I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue. I’m already giggling as soon as the theme music starts.

And The News Quiz‘s Susan Calman making her first appearance on the show is the icing on the cake.

Hell to the YES! this needs to happen!

This actually trumps there being a new Cosmos series: Joel wants to reboot MST3K!!!!

A Valentine from NASA

They want to capture a small asteroid and put it into lunar orbit so it can be studied at our leisure.

THAT is the sort of balls-out mission NASA hasn’t had in a very long time. They’re targeting a 20′-40′ asteroid, or a comparable sized chunk of a larger asteroid. That’s planetary system engineering. And it arguably moves us, for the first time, up a notch on the Kardashev scale — if not all the way to Type I, then at least Type Nought-Point-V or so.

And it gives the moon a moon of its own.

Temporally challenged, but in a great way!

I got carded again, just last week. The look on the cashier’s face was priceless when she read the date on my ID. And when she wished me a good day at the end of the transaction, I of course told her she’d already given me one. Fifty isn’t the new 30, it’s the new 21! :D

Ohio’s grand astronomy tradition fails for once

Which is to say, there wasn’t an annoying high haze that blocked out anything dimmer than first magnitude, nor were we wholly socked in by clouds.

First off, a tip o’ the blog to Suburban Banshee’s head’s-up about Nova Delphini 2013, which has brightened to naked eye visibility, the first one in quite some time.

Anyway, the sky tonight was magnificently clear, and even though there was a pesky gibbous moon, I could put a building between myself and it, and see the nova for myself, first in binoculars, and then just faintly naked eye, with averted vision.

It’s not known yet whether it will brighten further; it’s been reported around mag 4, which ain’t bad, although most measurements are closer to 4.4-4.5. Even so, that’s epic.

Now go, get yourself a starmap, and go out with your binoculars and look!

Despicable Me Too!

Well, I went to see Despicable Me again today — first time I’ve gone back to see a movie in the theater again since ‘Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit’. It’s also the first time I’ve seen a movie in both its regular and 3D formats, which made for some interesting comparisons.

Yes, I am going to knit myself a Gru scarf. ;)
I think the thing that gets me most about this movie is how much I personally connect with Gru.

That’s not as weird as it sounds.

Possible spoilers after the cut.
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