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@^$*)%#$)*^@_($^!!!!!! Redux

The clouds actually cleared in time for the show – which was itself a no-show. The only images of meteors caught so far are coming from Canada, and they look like very short-track meteors, all low to the northern horizon even up there.

However, with the sky clear, I at least had the opportunity. I feel better having seen nothing, but at least getting to observe for myself, than if we’d stayed socked in and I had the chance denied. And, I saw an excellent overflight of the ISS, roughly magnitude -1.7 (translation: bloody effing bright for anything in the night sky, especially something visibly moving). The only things that get brighter than that at night are the Moon, some of the planets, and Iridium flares (which at their peak are second only to the Moon).

But Ohio? DON’T DO THAT TO ME! Sheesh…



So tonight there’s a brand new meteor shower that may actually approach meteor storm levels. The part of the sky it’s in is clearly visible from my bedroom window. And the national weather service predicts clear skies.


I so completely fucking hate Ohio weather. This is total and complete fucking bullshit of the highest order, a never before seen meteor shower and possible storm, and a clear forecast, and the sky fucking clouds over the very hour it’s supposed to start being visible.

And the worst thing of all is that it’s no one’s fault — outside of the forecasters who STILL have ‘clear’ on the forecast for tonight. And the weather isn’t their fault.

The expectations of the weather that they set, THAT is their fault.

Ohio weather in a nutshell

Today: 76° and sunny.

Tomorrow: 78° and sunny.

Tuesday: Chance of SNOW, low of 30°.

Ohio’s weather has been brought to you by the letters W, T and F.

Easy way to get my vote

Pursue war profiteering charges against the oil companies. It’s approaching USD3.50/gallon (or for my metrically inclined friends, it’s getting damn close to a buck a liter). Because they’re making record profits in the history of business and not just relative to last year. This means, obviously, that the run-up in prices is *not* due entirely to the run-up in the cost per barrel.

Survived the blizzard okay. Was snowed in Saturday and Sunday both, but can travel freely now. Not that I can go far on gas prices like that.

The good news that I take out of last Tuesday’s primaries is that if Hillary gets the nomination, she’s one hell of a fighter. I still prefer Obama, but I’ll take either one. If he can win Pennsylvania, though, that should pretty much moot things.

Weird year.

Oh, yippee-skip.

We’re under a blizzard warning. If I get trapped at work, it will not be pretty. And I have a head start on ‘not pretty’.

Oh, and one more thing.

I should NOT have to scrape ice off my friggin’ car in friggin’ APRIL. This is above and beyond the call of duty, even by notoriously wonky Buckeye standards.

Yup, that’s Ohio all right.

Tuesday: high of 78°.

Wednesday: low of 29°, chance of snow.

That’s seriously effed up, even by Buckeye standards.

Long day…

Started out early–Adam and I went to storm spotter training, he for the nth time, me for the first. Apparently one class makes you a Skywarn spotter, so now I am one. There’s an advanced class next weekend, but it’s in Cincinnati.

After that, a little lunch, and we went to see 300. Review safely behind here.

That’s not steam on my breath.

That’s CO2 precipitating out. Sweet merciful Jeebus, it’s cold!

And now, the weather report.

It’s fecking COLD!!!

I had cable TV turned off the other day. It’s not worth it. Other than Doctor Who, which I generally watch over at ‘s, there’s literally nothing on I watch.

So of course I promptly get a call offering me a discount, or more services… which tells me that I was getting ripped off all along, since they wouldn’t offer anything they wouldn’t be making a profit on.