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C is for cookie, that’s good enough for meme…

gave me the letter “C“, and my job is to present ten things starting with C that I love, and thenyou all can request a letter too.

  1. Cousins… and siblings and parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and especially my nieces… the whole famn damily.
  2. Cats, of which I have two: Random and Mavis.
  3. Chords, of the musical kind, whether listening or playing–insert all the bands I love here, otherwise I’ll go way over ten, but particular mention to the Grateful Dead… :)
  4. Cambot and Crow T. Robot and Bill Corbett and Frank Coniff, to say nothing of Tom Servo, Gypsy, Magic Voice, Mike, Joel, Trace, Kevin, Jim, Mary Jo, Patrick, and Paul (and juliewa and barbbb). MST3K is still the best comedy ever put on TV.
  5. Chris Eccleston and Colin Baker and all the other Doctors and Companions (Compania?)
  6. Computer. Duh. :)
  7. Columbus, as I love the hell out of my adopted home town.
  8. Cosmology and Cosmos, as I love the astrosciences.
  9. Coins, which I collect, and
  10. Courses, specifically of the golf and minigolf variety.

    Next? No bizarre letters, I promise!

    EDIT: Augh! I ran out of room for Cameras (specifically my Minolta XG1–film still beats binary), Cooking, the Caves of Steel and damn near everything else Asimov ever wrote, Roger Corman and the other masters of the B- (and Z-) movie, cable stitch and knitting in general… augh!


Collage? No, I graduated.

Yeah, everyone else is doing it.

My world, and welcome to it.

Wondered when that was going to happen…

So me and userinfocashewlou and Adam went minigolfing today… after a stop at Best Buy to see if the MST3K Vol 6 set was out yet (wasn’t, but I got DVDs of ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ that has a commentary track with animator Phil Roman and voice goddess June Foray, and the anime ‘This Is Greenwood’ which is just deliciously twisted).

So we had a few rounds, and my game was swinging wildly back and forth between Fred Couples and Fred Flintstone — a typical night, otherwise.

Adam has a putt we call the ‘Adam Bomb’. He makes putts that should not be made. My ‘impossible’ putts were tonight named ‘Dan Grenades’. We haven’t come up with a good name for Lou’s impossible putts yet, but we’re working on it.

Anyway, I’m totting up Round Five. Lou went ’round in 20-28=48. Good first round, and a sideways-without-lube second round, but he held it together to keep it in the 40s. Frankly, 48 ain’t too bad at the Brice Magic Mountain course, because it can be a bitchkitty when it wants to be. Adam went round in 25-23=48 — not bad first round and a pretty good second. Huh. My score was going to decide who won–either them jointly, or me alone.

I went around in 23-25=48.

Obviously, the winner of that match was Cosmic Coincidence Control. :)

Couple minor things.

Number one: The Andromeda Strain remains one of the coolest movies ever made, and one of the few worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Contact and The Day The Earth Stood Still … not a total surprise, of course, since Robert Wise is responsible for both ‘Day…’ and ‘Andromeda…’.

Number Two: I have attained one of my goals for the summer on the minigolf course, taking the Fantasy Golf course in 37 strokes for 6 under par. I actually had a decent putt at 36, but whiffed it a hair left. Later had another shot at a 36, but completely went to pieces and three-putted for a 38 instead. Ouch. However, I had a ball’s-out night, going over par only once on the par-43 course. My scores: 38, 42, 40, 39, 43, 37, 46, 38, 40 for an aggregate 24 under par. Beat that, Tiger … er, I mean, Phil. ;)

Between Adam, cashewlou and myself, we managed a ringer (best score) round of 23, which is 13 aces and 5 deuces. Best ever, and 20 under par. Woof.

Oh my, oh my

Stream of consciousness theater is now open. I been awake for something like 21 hours and have had a full day-drove roommate to work at oh-dark-thirty, picked him up several hours later, and then we minigolfed for about six hours, and then I went to a concert. So I’m lucky I can see the monitor, much less type.

Part the first: music.

More Stellar Happenings

If you have a telescope and a clear night, everyone is your friend.

Tonight was kinda on the edge of viewing, but the clouds cleared and I got some good eye time with the planets, and even the Orion Nebula. Not bad for viewing from the middle of a city.

What’s cool is sharing the eye time with complete strangers. A few people who happened to be walking by stopped to take a look. Every one of them left with a smile (as far as I could tell, it was gettin’ darker out by the minute :)).

Anyway. cashewlou, Adam and I went out for a Minigolf Masters tournament yesterday at Magic Mountain Polaris. Final results? Me by a hair, 472 strokes to 476 (yeah, we play a lot of minigolf), 62 over par over ten rounds … although I think they have the courses parred wrong. Some of those par 2s really should be par 3s, and a couple of the par 3s really should be par 2s. The courses really play to about a par 44 to 46.

Had me a right proper little tantrum in one round, and the closest I ever came to walking off the course and giving up on the spot. But when, from two feet from the hole, a missed putt rolls all the way back to the tee area, there’s a serious design flaw at work, and as far as I’m concerned I got f**ked sideways with a broom handle without lube, because I barely tapped the ball. Went from five under par to one over in just two holes. A difficult hole is one thing, and I don’t mind a challenge … but there’s a huge difference between difficult and unfair. It was, as I said (repeatedly) at the time, goddamn bullshit.

On the plus side, my average is already coming down on the year, and I’m getting into good shape on the greens. Now all I need is a long and short game, and maybe I can play some real golf.


Car has been fixed.

Minigolf has been played. 14 rounds.

Job has been (temporarily) eliminated.

All in all, an up-and-down weekend.

Y’all excuse me, I need some Doan’s Pills … my back hasn’t forgiven me for hiking around a fiberglass mountainside miniature golf course for 10 hours yesterday.

Sheer randomness

It stopped snowing. It’s effin’ March, it shouldn’t have been snowing in the first place!

Mucho minigolf this weekend with cashewlou and Adam. I actually did pretty well, staying in the mid-40s all night with only a couple slip-ups. Need to play more area courses. Magic Mountain is getting old, the courses aren’t really very well thought out … although the ‘Magic Mountain’ course itself, the front 18 at the Brice Road facility, ain’t bad, other than a couple sucky holes and the back 18, the Mill Run course, is pretty good with the same caveat. And Fantasy Golf on 161 ain’t open yet.

We did play Able’s on Avery last week, which I liked, but it’s not as cheap as Magic Mountain or Fantasy Golf. It’s a nice enough course, very interesting layout, nicely landscaped, maybe a little cramped. It needs to be re-parred badly; they just slapped a ‘2’ on every hold but the 5th, making for a par-37 course, which is completely unrealistic given the length of the holes and complex breaks and all. And they close way early. It’s a really interesting course, probably worth another play some time, but not a regular thing.

Gonna have to do some research on what other courses are out there. Probably not a lot of ’em are open yet, it’s a little early in the season and we are effin’ crazy to be playing this early in the year … well, hell, we went out the weekends before and after Christmas.

We need therapy. :)

Hey, ataniell93, I still need your feedback on “Detour”…:) Not that I’m in a rush to publish, but I’m … in a rush to publish. If I got it done, I want to get it over with. :)

I went back and found a few Brit-nits of my own to pick. And fixed the cranberry sauce comment. Structurally identical, syntactically tighter.

Speaking of writing, I found some stuff I wrote in ’98 or ’99, during the Vanguard Hiatus, that really didn’t suck. Gotta bring it up to date, it’s better than what I wrote last week.

The reason I bring it up was that the older stuff was written mixed first- and third-person, while this most recent project was written strictly third-person, and they cover essentially identical events.

I like the first/third-person version better, even though there are a lot of events that need to be rewritten to bring it up to date relative to the way I need to tell the story.

Which sucks, because I’m a fundamentally lazy person and don’t want to have to go back and rewrite everything.

But that decided me on creating a (closed) community for my fellow former Vanguarders (and their husbands/wives/partners/roommates, if they’re interested). I know there’s a handful out there in LJ-land, I’ll send the invites out in a few. I’m curious what our individual takes on the Vanguard universe are, unfettered by other writers (save for their characters, of course). I’m not looking to restart it at this point, but it was a damned good magazine with damned good writing, and I feel like revisiting it. And it’s the only useful writing idea I’ve had in the last 15 years that wasn’t fanfic.

Which is kinda depressing to think about. I need to hire a new muse. I’m sick and effin’ tired of writing in other people’s universes, regardless of finding good stuff in there to explore. I don’t regret my fanfic … but I want to be the published writer and have fanfic written in my world for a change!

Enough for now. Off to other things.


First off, I could not be happier that John Daly won the Buick!

In other golfing news, my roommate and I have already started the 2004 Minigolf Season. Actually, we started in January, but I don’t have our scores from those rounds. Suffice to say he clobbered me with a handful of sub-40 rounds under impossible conditions. Should anyone happen to care, the results from the Polaris Classic on Saturday, 14 February are below.

We need a lot of therapy. :)

A real mixed bag here … but that course is poorly designed and some of the holes were iced over. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.