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Felinity in Icons

Playing with my new camera, I got images of Their Imperial Majesties that really needed to be made into icons. So here’s Random:

And here’s Mavis:

Share and enjoy (and credit where credit is due!)


Egad, indeed!

The camera I won is a Sony DSC-W70, 7.2Mpx, 58Mb onboard, takes Memory Stick Duo/PRO Duo, averaging $220-$250 street.


C is for cookie, that’s good enough for meme…

gave me the letter “C“, and my job is to present ten things starting with C that I love, and thenyou all can request a letter too.

  1. Cousins… and siblings and parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and especially my nieces… the whole famn damily.
  2. Cats, of which I have two: Random and Mavis.
  3. Chords, of the musical kind, whether listening or playing–insert all the bands I love here, otherwise I’ll go way over ten, but particular mention to the Grateful Dead… :)
  4. Cambot and Crow T. Robot and Bill Corbett and Frank Coniff, to say nothing of Tom Servo, Gypsy, Magic Voice, Mike, Joel, Trace, Kevin, Jim, Mary Jo, Patrick, and Paul (and juliewa and barbbb). MST3K is still the best comedy ever put on TV.
  5. Chris Eccleston and Colin Baker and all the other Doctors and Companions (Compania?)
  6. Computer. Duh. :)
  7. Columbus, as I love the hell out of my adopted home town.
  8. Cosmology and Cosmos, as I love the astrosciences.
  9. Coins, which I collect, and
  10. Courses, specifically of the golf and minigolf variety.

    Next? No bizarre letters, I promise!

    EDIT: Augh! I ran out of room for Cameras (specifically my Minolta XG1–film still beats binary), Cooking, the Caves of Steel and damn near everything else Asimov ever wrote, Roger Corman and the other masters of the B- (and Z-) movie, cable stitch and knitting in general… augh!


Me and userinfocashewlou went to the Toledo Zoo on Monday before coming home to Columbus. There is a new exhibit in the Zoo Museum. And this picture can only be titled “Don’t eat me!!!” :)

Assorted cool stuff

Need a camera? Build one from LEGOs.

Need a physics lab? No, just a Java-enabled browser.

Microsoft’s game HALO is being made into a movie. The effects will be rendered on Linux boxes.

Ever wonder what life would look like if lived inside a two-liter water bottle?

The 3D monitorless display as seen in countless SF movies just might be coming.

Cats, dogs, art, and architecture

Cats and dogs


Here are some pictures I shot after the xmas ’04 winter storm. I’ll soon be adding some pix of the subsequent flooding, and some experimental things I did.

That Minolta my dad gave me at xmas is one of the coolest goddamn things I’ve ever played with. Picked up an 80-200 zoom/macro lens today. I may go out and try some shots of the moon tonight, if the skies stay clear.