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Aging like a fine wine

Furthur 2011. Phil and Bobby. Hell yes. With Jeff Chimenti (a little Keith, a little Brent, a lot of awesome keys), John Kadlecik (who was absolutely channeling Jerry), Joe Russo, Sunshine Becker and Jeff Pehrson.

It started in the party in the parking lot and the Bazaar of the Bizarre, with a nice spiced hot cider spiked with rum and just got better from there. My seat, which looking at the map appeared to be nosebleed and obstructed view, turned out to be excellent — even with the stage with a terrific (and unblocked) view across it.

This was one of the best damn Dead shows I’ve ever seen, period. Even if it’s technically a Furthur show.

Many, *many* moons ago, I wrote a story (unfinished and now completely lost) that involved a Grateful Dead concert going on about 150 years from now, on the theory that as time goes on, so does the band, bringing in new members as needed. The personnel aren’t as important as the experience. And while I would never minimize the talents of any member of the Dead, past or present, I’m starting to think this is actually a possibility. Kadlicek and Chimenti have decades ahead of them; eventually they could be the elder statesment–as Weir and Lesh are now–when it’s time to bring the new generation up to speed.

Speaking of: I was amazed by how many people there were young. As in, too young to have possibly seen a pre-’95 show, unless they were lugged to one by a Deadhead mom and/or dad. This is the other reason my old vision of an eternal Grateful Dead could happen: the fandom is also self-replacing. We are not only everywhere, we are everywhen.

Anyway, the setlist, which included several surprises:

Easy Wind
Black-Throated Wind
Ramble On Rose
High Time
Cumberland Blues
The Mighty Quinn

Lost Sailor ->
Saint of Circumstance
You Never Give Me Your Money
He’s Gone ->
Scarlet Begonias ->
Fire on the Mountain
Eyes of the World
Black Peter
The Wheel
Casey Jones

::Touch of Grey

o/` Nothin’ left to do but smile, smile, smile… o/`


Can’t get no satisfaction? Yes I can!

Devo, live at the State Fair, this past Wednesday night (4 August). Finally got to see them play.


The plugging of the new album was done first, and the rest of the show was the Devo I grew up on. It was pretty much all there — the only big song I can think of that they didn’t do was their cover of Coal Mine.

Were they good? Oh yes. You wouldn’t know they’d had several layoffs since they first hit it big in the late 70s/early 80s. Great stage show; I’m not used to bands with stage shows!

If they’re coming to your area and you *ever* liked Devo, go.

Got the seventh book. Read the seventh book.

In re: Deathly Hallows — stretches of the old brilliance. A few unbearable bits. Really, neither more nor less than I expected. For the most part, a rollicking, breezy read. Solid B to B+ that could’ve been an A had she not had to deal with all the nonsense she set up for herself in HBP. Assloads better than HBP–but it could hardly not be.

And now, the very spoilery bits. No clicky if no want spoily.

Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords

Let’s just go straight to the spoiler space, mkay?

Long day…

Started out early–Adam and I went to storm spotter training, he for the nth time, me for the first. Apparently one class makes you a Skywarn spotter, so now I am one. There’s an advanced class next weekend, but it’s in Cincinnati.

After that, a little lunch, and we went to see 300. Review safely behind here.

Oh, and speaking of ‘Family Guy’

Which I wasn’t, but that was the best segue I could come up with–you must get the new DVD movie. No question ever asked in the history of cinema–live action or animated–has ever deserved a reply of “Oh, holy freaking God!” more than the one Stewie asked Brian.

Oh, and there’s an uncensored audio option. :)

The Drawn Together Season One set is also worth having. Oh, boy. Season Two starts Wednesday, yes!!!

And in regard to the Wallace and Gromit movie

Cracking movie, Nick!

Banned Books Meme, via biichan

This is something larger of a list, alphabetizing and merging biichan‘s and The Forbidden Library; the ones with explanations are from The Forbidden Library, and my own comments are in parens. Bolded, I’ve read

And in regards to “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”…

One word review:


For something rather more in-depth, click here.

Wow, another post today!

The Simpsons does it again. Ten out of ten for their gay marriage episode … and for outing Patty. Damn, I was stunned enough when they finally gave Comic Shop Guy a name…

Oh, and the website mentioned on the show exists.