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In the news!

Well, the Columbus Dispatch promised to let us know before the story went to press… there’s more’n one reason I call it the Distort.

Anyways, a certain guy was interviewed and photographed showing off the Season 14 Doctor Who scarf he’s working on in the 9/15 edition.


Hey look! It’s Squidface!

Because there’s no reason madness and universal death and destruction can’t be tie-dye and huggably soft.

A white with pastel highlights one is in the works for the OVFF charity auction. :)

Stix’n’fibers stuff.

Fellow knitters, I have a Ravelry account now.

Yet another moral imperative.

I will grant that I really should finish my theremin cozy first, but presented with a pattern for a Lorenz manifold, just don’t get between me and my crochet hook!

I seem to be making a personal mission of finding the gawdamdest things to knit and/or crochet…

She got it, so now I can share pictures!

I came across a certain pattern online. I have a skein of unused pink yarn. has an LJ-icon of one.

So it was pretty much inevitable that I should make and send her this.

Well, this is new…

OVFF, just under three weeks away.

I haven’t picked up my bass in anywhere from four to six months.

I have none of my traditional annual panic in the lead-up to the convention. Even though it’s quite literally the only time I get to actually play with other musicians each year.


Seeya there, those what are going to be there. Oh, and I have some more stitchery in the works for the auction–something that caused a friend of mine to suggest that I “seek medication”. :)

Knit, wit.


Someone told me that knitters can’t crochet, and crocheters can’t knit. I am in the process of proving them wrong, now that I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong with the crochet hook (and if that’s not a straight line, I don’t know what is). And when I make them, we refer to granny squares as uncle squares. Those little buggers are kinda addictive.


I’ve had the disks of MP3s for some time, but never really sat down to listen to the hundred and some odd episodes of The Goon Show that I got. I’m lovin’ it.

Ten Things…

tagged me with this a few days ago. I’ll get him for that. :)

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.

First, my victims:

And now, the list.

One “AAAAUGH!!”, one “BWAAAH-hahahah!”, one “Egad!”

    I contrived today to take a late break (0630) so I could slip outside and see if I could get a look at Comet McNaught before sunup, as I had every expectation of being sound asleep come sundown.

    At first glance, coming out the back of the building, all was well. The sky overhead was crisp and clear, stars visible, excellent!

    I stepped out from behind the building.

    Clouds all over the eastern horizon. AAAAUGH!

  2. BWAAAH-hahahahah!
    I think I figured out how my aunt knits the heels on the xmas stockings she’s made for the family. Woot!
  3. Egad!
    I’ve just been advised that in the office drawing, I won a digital camera. Details when I get my grubbies on it and can play with it a while. :)

Ho ho hooo, boy.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, trdsf sent to me…

Twelve mathematics drumming
Eleven cosmos piping
Ten astrophysics a-leaping
Nine numismatics dancing
Eight tornadoes a-milking
Seven cartoons a-writing
Six physics a-knitting
Five b mo-o-o-ovies
Four z movies
Three best brains
Two particle physics
…and an anti-bush in a special relativity.

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