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Personal history is still the best history

I’ve been in Toledo since last Thursday helping my dad clear out the big stuff from Grandma and Grandpa’s place in preparation for the estate sale.

Well, at least I come by being a packrat honestly.

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Stress factor — strongly diminishing.

Had a *terrible* row with my mom by email over the last couple days. ‘Tis over now, she understands what she did wrong. We are two extremely stubborn people, she and I… *immense sigh of relief*

Hippie new year, y’all.

Still sorting through xmas … I got absolutely floored by one of my gifts.

See, Mom and Dad renewed their vows their past anniversary, their 45th. And they both got new rings: Mom had lost hers a long time ago and was wearing a “stand-in” that Dad gave her at their 25th anniversary.

Now they both have new matching rings.

I was given Dad’s original wedding band. Dave got Dad’s 25th anniversary band, Jenni got Great-Grandma’s wedding ring.

I was just flattened. I mean … yeah. Flattened.

Anyway, I’m off to the Short North to nose into a few reputable jewelers to see what it would take to have it resized. What fit on Dad’s ring finger doesn’t even fit on my pinky… I never realized my hands were that much larger than his.

A week later, I still get a little verklempt opening the box and looking at it.

Maybe someday when the laws change or I live in Canada, and have met the right guy, I can wear it for the same purpose myself.

Edit: I have been advised by a jeweler not to resize the ring, as it’s bimetallic and would have to be taken up about 4½ sizes to fit my ring finger If it weren’t a double band, they might be able to do it, but it’d still be a hell of a resize. It could be stretched maybe to make a pinkie ring out of it. But neither way can guarantee the safety of the ring, so I’ll just leave it as-is.

That’s my girl!

Over on, we have a family website. My sister Jenni just posted a picture of Channel 13 news doing a feature on safe Trick-or-Treating from Mom’s heavily decorated front yard — the second time news teams have picked her yard to do a Halloween piece from.

Looking at the picture, I see my older niece Emily in robes, wearing the Gryffindor scarf I made her and weilding the Hermione wand I got her for last xmas. Woot!

She’s taking guitar lessons — with any luck it’s only a matter of time before she’s accompanying her uncle to OVFF. Heck, if you go back enough generations, we come from Taylor stock, so I already know what to call our band: Taylor Made! :)

My sister reports that Em has discovered the Potter Puppet Pals, and has been known to skip around the house singing o/` Follow the butterflies! Follow the butterflies! o/` Typically at this point, Jen gets the Hermione wand, intones Emicus owicus! and ponks Em lightly on the head. Emily will inevitably reply “Ow!”, and Jenni will just as inevitably say, “See? The spell works!”

Yup. I’m definitely par for the course in this family.

o/` I can see clearly now… o/`

Curious entities can see me in my new glasses here. What I want to know is, when exactly did I turn into my dad? The resemblance startled me… I mean, I looked at the picture and wondered when the face transplant was performed.

Fan, meet s**t. S**t, meet fan.

Well, the conversation I expected with my mom has finally commenced. She forwarded me a bizarre little Paul Harvey screed about “poor, oppressed Christians can’t even say ‘merry Christmas’ anymore without being threatened with legal action”, and I fired back a long email to her telling her in no uncertain terms that religion as a topic is now absolutely verboten between she and I, that I’ve spent the last twenty-plus years not intruding my beliefs on hers (or anyone else’s, for that matter), and that it’s high time I got the same respect.

When my dad and I had the same sort of talk over a different subject–ultimately winding up with me telling him, quote, “Look me in the eye and tell me that I’m the fuckup you keep treating me as”–Dad admitted that I was right and that I did deserve more respect than he was showing me.

We’ll see what happens here.

Meanwhile, on the plus side of the ledger

Some of you may recall last year in this post where I talked about my dad’s diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Obviously, even though it’s way down there on the scariness scale as far as cancers go, they want to keep an eye on it.

Dad went and blew the doctor’s mind. His white cell count went down as if his leukemia were improving, which the doctor says it never does. Dad told him about some Asian berry he’s been getting from the health food store, and the doctor told him to keep taking it and wants to use him as a test trial, in case he’s on to something.

Either that, or my family’s weird all the way down to the cellular level. XD

EDIT: A couple people have asked what it is Dad’s taking–I was wrong, it’s not Asian, it’s Brazilian. He’s taking a suppliment called Ola Acai, which is made from the berry of the açaí palm.

Yup, that’s my kid brother!

I don’t know why it took two and a half months for WTOL-TV 11 to get the news that a local guy is the world champion offshore racer… but they finally got it!

Ah, what the heck

Quiz seen in bunches of places, so I figgered I’d take it.
Not bad for a divinity-denyin’ heathen.

One “AAAAUGH!!”, one “BWAAAH-hahahah!”, one “Egad!”

    I contrived today to take a late break (0630) so I could slip outside and see if I could get a look at Comet McNaught before sunup, as I had every expectation of being sound asleep come sundown.

    At first glance, coming out the back of the building, all was well. The sky overhead was crisp and clear, stars visible, excellent!

    I stepped out from behind the building.

    Clouds all over the eastern horizon. AAAAUGH!

  2. BWAAAH-hahahahah!
    I think I figured out how my aunt knits the heels on the xmas stockings she’s made for the family. Woot!
  3. Egad!
    I’ve just been advised that in the office drawing, I won a digital camera. Details when I get my grubbies on it and can play with it a while. :)