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Kicking and screaming into the 21st century

I have a smartphone now.

I can’t say I actually wanted one, but for the price, I’d’ve been a fool not to get it.  Android something or another.  Still gettin’ used to it.  It doesn’t suck, but likewise I am not (yet) overjoyed by the change.  Maybe I just need to find the right app to make me go wow.


Making a spectacle of one’s self.

Let it be admitted at the outset that I have the fashion sense of a particularly slow species of mineral. My (work) wardrobe is almost entirely black slacks with solid-colored (or simply patterned) shirts so I can’t screw up combining things.

That said, I still have to wonder how pince nez went out of fashion.

Maybe I should back up a little here.

I finally got new glasses a month and a half ago, which are great for reading and great for distance viewing… but not so good for the range my computer screen is at. So I need to have a second pair made with my computer prescription.

Somewhere along the way (during one of my steampunky moments, I suppose), I decided I’d like to have my computer glasses be pince nez rather than regular glasses. I don’t know why, I just did. So I found a vintage pair on eBay…

…and have been immediately converted by just how amazingly comfortable they are to wear. I haven’t had the new lenses fitted yet (still pricing around on those), but the ones I got came with colored glass lenses (for use as sunglasses) and they feel fantastic, they’re light as a feather, secure as anything (surviving even a sneezing fit without wobbling loose from my nose) and in my opinion look great. How did they ever go out of style?

Yes, I do still play with dolls.

And I want this one.

Oh, I definitely need one of these!

Dalek face mask with voice changer. I would wear it to work. XD

Edit: And should have this!

Somehow, I know I can count on at least one of ya here…

I am going right ’round the bend here–and you all know how short a trip for me that is. Looking for three things. One is video. Two are the names of some toys I grew up with (so if you’re under 35, you’re gonna probably just look at me and go whafuh?)

First, the video. I’m looking for copies of Dynaman, the sentai parody that ran on USA Up All Night (or Nightflight) many moons ago (say, mid-80s). Torrent searches have proved fruitless.

Now, here’s where you need to be an Auld Phart. There were these two toys we used to play with back in the late 60s to early 70s. My little sister remembers them, so let’s say 1971 when she was 2½–but I’m sure the first one predates that by three to five years.

The first was a construction set, or architect playset. Most units were empty square panels into which a wall or window square could be fitted. It might have been a Marx Toy. The best description of it I can give is Lego meets Bauhaus. I have no recollection of the name. Estimated date of release is 1963-1970.

The second is … well, I don’t really know. I don’t recall if it was a game, or just a Cool Thing To Play With. It was probably released between ’71 and ’73. What it was, was a black plastic base into which clear plastic shapes could be fitted (no, not a Lite-Brite), and then lit up from beneath by a small bulb with colored gels. The clear plastic units were kind of swoopy, swirly shapes. I don’t remember whether they were meant to also fit together. And I don’t remember whether this was a game, or just a ooh-cool-pretty-lights things. Again, no idea on the name.

Fingers crossed… I’m countin’ on ya!

C is for cookie, that’s good enough for meme…

gave me the letter “C“, and my job is to present ten things starting with C that I love, and thenyou all can request a letter too.

  1. Cousins… and siblings and parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and especially my nieces… the whole famn damily.
  2. Cats, of which I have two: Random and Mavis.
  3. Chords, of the musical kind, whether listening or playing–insert all the bands I love here, otherwise I’ll go way over ten, but particular mention to the Grateful Dead… :)
  4. Cambot and Crow T. Robot and Bill Corbett and Frank Coniff, to say nothing of Tom Servo, Gypsy, Magic Voice, Mike, Joel, Trace, Kevin, Jim, Mary Jo, Patrick, and Paul (and juliewa and barbbb). MST3K is still the best comedy ever put on TV.
  5. Chris Eccleston and Colin Baker and all the other Doctors and Companions (Compania?)
  6. Computer. Duh. :)
  7. Columbus, as I love the hell out of my adopted home town.
  8. Cosmology and Cosmos, as I love the astrosciences.
  9. Coins, which I collect, and
  10. Courses, specifically of the golf and minigolf variety.

    Next? No bizarre letters, I promise!

    EDIT: Augh! I ran out of room for Cameras (specifically my Minolta XG1–film still beats binary), Cooking, the Caves of Steel and damn near everything else Asimov ever wrote, Roger Corman and the other masters of the B- (and Z-) movie, cable stitch and knitting in general… augh!

Collage? No, I graduated.

Yeah, everyone else is doing it.

My world, and welcome to it.

A few useful definitions. And some toys.

A little help for my callers:

  • Forgetting your email password does not mean the Internet is down.
  • This is a residential service. If you need business-grade connectivity and uptime, pay for the business service. We will not reimburse you for lost time, sales or contacts.
  • When I ask you a question, staring stupidly at the phone does not constitute an answer. I am perfectly willing to accept a “What?” and repeat myself.
  • Please speak enough English to communicate, or have someone who does make the call for you. “Yes”, “No”, and “No speak English so good” will not be considered communication.
  • Please make sure you hang up the phone all the way before bitching out your idiot boyfriend who screwed up your internet connection… it hurts my average call time, although it is funnier’n hell. (Quote: “YOU STUPID F**KER!!” and it went downhill from there…)
  • We did not build and do not support your router|computer|TV set|printer|scanner|telephone|etc.
  • We are not AOL, and we are a broadband company. We do not support your dialup connection to AOL just because we provide your cable TV.
  • If you’ve had the cable modem all day and had the cable activated in the afternoon, why are you waiting until 2am to getting around to plugging it in to see if it works?

And now, the toys. This or this for your computer. Or this for your walls. Or this to handle almost everything. Or this or this for your chronology needs. Or this for your cell phone. Maybe this for inter-cubicle warfare. This for your walls. I need this. This and this, I have.

Latest addiction

Finally got a copy of Katamari Damacy.

I may never turn off the PS2 again.

Stray bits.

And now, more schadenfreude. Heh. Heh. Heh.

I’m just waiting for the first how-to on mounting one of these suckers on your car.

Freakin’ sweet!

Nikolaus Kopernik‘s (Copernicus, to you non-Poles) remains may have been found. I didn’t even know his body was missing.