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What’s new around here?

Not much.  I’m just permanently employed for the first time in five years.  Can I have a “WOOHOO!”?


Hired! 2 – Electric Boogaloo

So my supervisor at my current temp assignment says to me last Tuesday, “We need you to schedule a typing test at HR real soon so we can process taking you on permanently.”

It took about five minutes to sink in that I was being told they were hiring me. People who have known me back when Az and I first moved to Columbus may recall that I temped for the county children services board at the time we got married.

Guess where I’ve been temping since November?

Anyway, I’m going to be a faceless bureaucratic cog in the machinery of the state… well, county. Unionized, with terrific benefits. Woot!

How time flies.

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since that terrible night in New York City when a madman killed John Lennon for… well, no real reason other than his own madness (various highly dubious conspiracy theories notwithstanding). I had made plans to drop in on my old high school the following day, and when there, ran into a friend who was also a Beatles fan—he was completely dressed in black, in mourning.

I think maybe that’s the wrong way to commemorate Lennon, though. I think I plan instead to smile a little more at strangers today.

Anyway, I’ve made a return to one of the first places I worked for in Columbus; I got placed at Franklin County Children Services (on my birthday, no less), where I had been working when I got married back in ’93. Different division, though. Temp placement, no idea how long it’s going to last.

It’s mainly an exercise in typing without comprehension. Partly it’s because I’m not a caseworker and it’s none of my business, mostly it’s because I really don’t want to know.

The mental procedure is disturbingly similar to what Orwell described in the appendix to Nineteen Eighty Four as ‘crimestop’ (or more prosaically as ‘protective stupidity’). The material is dealt with only and exactly as long as it takes to transfer the letters comprising the words to the correct part of the screen, and then they just unexist. Sitting here right now, I could not tell you any of the names that came across my screen last night (with the exception of one unusual first name–but the last name is completely lost to me), or more importantly, any of the allegations made.

Who’d’ve thought creeping senility could be a job skill?

I gotta say, this ain’t bad.

Thursday, as though the universe knew what was coming yesterday, I was given a thin client to connect to my router so I could telecommute. I am so doing right now.

I gotta say, working from home is not horrible. My coffee maker is within arm’s reach. I have both machines running so I can be here while I’m at work (otherwise verboten). I don’t have to pick out decent work clothes or even put my shoes on. Hell, I don’t have to roll my sorry ass outta bed until 5:45 if I don’t want to.

This may work out.

I’m not the one who effing well broke it!

I’m being demoted.

Not because of performance problems or inability to do my work.

Because some beancounter three or four levels over my boss’ boss’ head thinks the profit margin isn’t big enough.

I don’t hear *him* volunteering for a pay cut.

Fuck this. I had a killer interview Wednesday morning, I’m taking the first offer that comes along that runs at least six months.

This is absolute bullshit. We’re already grossly underpaid, but apparently we’re not underpaid enough.

I am officially a PHB now.

I had to recommend two of my agents for termination yesterday.

Meanwhile, Adam Smith is rotating at appx. 7800rpm in his grave.

In a few hours, I go in to work on my new schedule and commence getting fitted for pointy hair trained to be a manager.

Boy, and you thought corporate America was a mess already…

…I got promoted to manager last night, effective (I love this) April 1.

That weird rustling sound you hear is my hair getting pointy.

The pure clarity of the Dilbert Zone

I care only and exactly as much as it takes to not be fired.

Sure, let’s go out on a bang.

I try not to be superstitious, but the simple fact is, February is like twenty-eight Friday the 13ths in a row for me, and leap years are just one day worse.

So after everything else this month, I’m stuck at work with a nosebleed that keeps coming back every hour or two. :P

C’mon March! Hurry up and get here!