We don’t live in that world.

It would be nice if the report on CIA torture were taken by both sides as an opportunity, a point at which we can say that we, as a nation, are better than that.

Unfortunately, the Republicans (with the exception of John McCain, who knows first hand) have made it clear that they’re just fine with torture, and the Democrats will, as usual, whine a lot and then do nothing.

It would be even nicer if this report came as a surprise, but we’ve known for years: what the rampaging fuck do you think waterboarding is?

What’s the correct thing to do now?  Simple.  Identify the person who ultimately signed off on this program, and the persons who oversaw its implementation, and ship them off to the Hague for a war crimes trial and let the facts and justice take their course.

The correct thing to do, of course, is pretty much the last thing that will happen.


EDIT: Oh, and here’s your official Faux News spin: Torture’s okay because America is awesome!


There exists one Republican with a sense of honor.

While there is no defending Elizabeth Lauten’s comments about Sasha and Malia Obama, she has had the decency to do the proper thing: she has apologized for her remarks and resigned her position, and I applaud her for being the first Republican I can think of in the last 15 years to have acted honorably upon making a gross and offensive error in judgment, rather than try to make like it’s nothing or even okay — or that calling her on it is “intolerant”.  I think I’m mostly shocked that a Republican has actually apologized; I’m pretty sure that gets her thrown out of the party.

Now if only all the other Republicans who’ve said deliberately racist, deliberately dishonest, and/or deliberately hateful things about the Obamas would do the same.  One suspects that would leave the Congress without a quorum in either house…

Out of touch much?

Oh, well done.  While fucking Utah has marriage equality; I live under the jurisdiction of the only court that thinks institutionalized bigotry is just fine and dandy.  By a 2-1 decision, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the existing equal marriage bans in Ohio, as well as Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.

And if Judge Daughtry is right in her blistering dissent (starting at p 43 of the decision),

Because the correct result is so obvious, one is tempted to speculate that the majority has purposefully taken the contrary position to create the circuit split regarding the legality of same-sex marriage that could prompt a grant of certiorari by the Supreme Court and an end to the uncertainty of status and the interstate chaos that the current discrepancy in state laws threatens.

…or in regular English, that the majority is deliberately trying to force the Supreme Court to get involved, that is no comfort.  As has been said in many other contexts, justice delayed is justice denied.

My regional appeals court just told me that my state has the Constitutional right to discriminate against me for no reason other than the simple fact that I am gay.  Not because I have committed a crime, not because I have been found mentally incompetent, but simply and only because I am gay.

My regional appeals court — or 2/3 of it, anyway — can go fuck itself.

On the Nobel Peace Prize

One suspects that we have not just seen Malala Yousafzai win the Nobel Peace Prize, but that we have seen her win her first.


I would like to go just ONE FUCKING WEEK without something breaking on my bike.

Never mind the football game

There’s a reason they call them The Best Damn Band In The Land:

Kitchen creativity

Or at least mixology, and a quick websearch suggests it’s original: there’s no drink by the name I call it, or with the ingredients I used.

I present the Dreamsicle:

1 shot Cointreau
1 shot whipped cream flavored vodka

Simple and to the point, yes?

New Who

No spoilers, just want to say that by and large, I approve.

I already have my insane hairbrained theory about a character, too. If I guessed this one right, I will need rotator cuff surgery after I finish patting myself on the back.

Geography. It’s no one’s strong suit.

Buzzfeed provides what happens when you ask Brits to label the fifty states.

Before you feel cocky, here’s what happened when they asked Americans to label the nations of Europe.

What brings the most raw, unadulterated joy into my life?

A new series of I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue. I’m already giggling as soon as the theme music starts.

And The News Quiz‘s Susan Calman making her first appearance on the show is the icing on the cake.


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